Capital, Volume 1 Reading Group




Thursday, June 21, 2012 - 7:00pm to 9:00pm


Dvorak Park (Weather Permitting) in Pilsen


Education Committee

Occupy Chicago Education Committee Presents a Reading Group Of. . . Capital: A Critique of Political Economy Volume 1 by Karl Marx

June 21, 2012

Dvorak Park (Weather Permitting) in Pilsen (Cermak and Racine)
7 p.m.

In August of 1867, a poor German emigre living in London put the finishing touches on his magnum opus which would change the course of human history. Marx's Capital Vol. 1 has been studied, analyzed, embraced, denounced, rethought and yet it is still recognized as a political, economical, philosophic, historical and revolutionary force brimming with insights for emancipatory policis. In this era of capitalist crises, neoliberal governance, and digitized globalization, how can Marx's text help us understand contemporary class struggle? How is Marx's critique of capitalism important to the diffuse variety of social justice movements today? Does Capital point us in a direction of stronger solidarity as revolutionaries? Can Marx assist us practically as we organize and discuss tactical questions of strategy and long-term goals for the future in and outside of Occupy Chicago?

In the spirit of these questions, the Occupy Chicago Education Committee invites all to join us in an introductory planning meeting where everyone in attendance will participate in collectively designing a long-term schedule and plan for a group reading of Capital Volume 1. We are interested in forming a group that can manage itself through consensus decision making to develop and follow a structure, direction, and schedule for the reading. Marx's Capital will be our starting point, but in our explorations the trajectory might change according to what direction the group decides it wants to go. As such, we would like to see this specific book as a springboard towards fluid and currently unpredictable directions of critical thought and critical action.

We will be using the Ben Fowkes translation published by the New Left Review as well as Penguin Books, which will be made available to all who are interested and in need of a copy. Please join us; all are welcome to attend!

-Occupy Chicago Education Committee


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