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Call:   (312) 810-2601

 If you have conflicts within Occupy Chicago, or even within yourself, please feel free to call.   If I am not available I will get back to you as soon as possible, and together we will determine what steps to take, if any.  Who am I?  My name is Ruth, and I am an unemployed social worker looking for an occupation.....

Conflict Resolution is new, but we have begun work on many ideas. Among these are: having trainings for Security/Peacekeepers and committee members on mediation (we have some professional mediators who are getting involved!), a proposal to the GA as a vehicle for deciding what to do if we need to consider voting a member out (as a LAST resort), having peace councils, peace circles, developing resources for people who need various kinds of help, creating a culture and language of non-violence and respect, and any ways we can think of to promote rising above differences to work for our common vision.

We want to encourage transparency whenever possible, while also balancing that with an individual's need for privacy.  Please understand that we usually have to take some time, when there is an issue, to gather all the facts before publicly 'announcing' the results or details of any conflict.   We are NOT here to be judge or jury, and I hope you will keep in mind that our committee, like all of them, is a work in progress.

When I talk to someone, I will want to discuss the issue of confidentiality up front (if I forget, please remind me).  Feel free to text or call me anytime.   If I need to enlist other committee members I will let you know.   If my voice mail is not working and you cannot text, call (773)267-0286 


Look for more announcements soon.








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