2 events for "We Are Trayvon Martin!"

Event 1

When: Friday, 3/23/12. 7pm

Where: Channel 7 Studios at State & Lake


Event 2

When: Saturday, 3/24/12.  12pm to 3pm

Where: Daley Plaza, 118 N. Clark St.


On February 26th, 17 year-old Trayvon Martin went to a store in Sanford, Fla., a suburb of Orlando, where he was visiting his father and his fiance.  He was walking back through the Retreat at Twin Lakes gated community when he was spotted by George Zimmerman, the self-appointed head of a neighborhood watch who would eventually shoot Trayvon after stalking him. Trayvon, a young black man, was unarmed, only carrying with him some Skittles and ice tea. The "neighborhood watchman" was heard using racial slurs and asking why he was in the neighborhood while on the phone with his girlfriend, who listened helplessly through the whole incident. 

His body was taken to the medical examiner's office and listed as John Doe.  Authorities apparently never attempted to use Trayvon's cell phone to find out who he was--his father was still deperately calling 911 24 hours later to say that his son was missing. 

The cops' apparent disregard for Trayvon after his death contrasted with their treatment of Zimmerman, who was released after questioning--because, police said, they had no evidence to disprove Zimmerman's self defense claim.  To this day, George Zimmerman has not spent a single minute in custody.

Occupy Chicago will not stand by idly as yet another racial hate crime goes unnoticed. Justice was not served for Troy Anthony Davis or Oscar Grant, we will not let the same be said of Trayvon Marton. Come protest, let your voice be heard, and speak out against this sensless, bigoted crime.


Direct Action



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