Text for Spokes Council Proposal

Proposal for Occupy Chicago Spokes Council


The Direct Action Committee of Occupy Chicago proposes the formulation of a Spokes Council (SC) within Occupy Chicago.  


1.Purpose and function of the SC: SC will internally coordinate both the various committees in Occupy Chicago as well as any other occupations that wish to participate. In order to qualify as a spoke, an occupation or committee must:

  1. Make publicly available it’s purpose, procedures and contact info
  2. Be approved by a ¾ majority of the existing Spokes Council of Chicago


2. Composition of SC: The SC will be comprised of one member of each committee as representative of the given committee, referred to as “Spoke.”  


3. Duration of Spoke: The Spoke will serve on SC for meetings of the SC during the course of one week, or one week’s “worth” of meetings due to a lack of a standard meeting due to mitigating circumstances, including but not limited to a holiday.  After having taken a turn serving as Spoke for one week, the given committee member will be able to serve as Spoke again, following the turns of any committee members who have had yet to serve and are both interested in and have signed up to do so.


4. Scheduling of SC: All SC meetings will be scheduled two weeks in advance. The schedule for SC will be posted in calendar format on the OC website and in hard format at the indoor site of OC.


5. Decision making within SC:  All decisions on proposals will be made via a “super majority,” (2/3 of present Spokes or above). In the event that a Spoke thinks it is necessary to “block” a decision, that Spoke will be required to discuss the reasoning behind their block in order to resolve the issue and move towards a consensus, however, full (100%) consensus will be understood to be an ideal-and not a necessity- to pass the given proposal even if a block occurs. The scope of proposals to be decided upon within SC will be limited to those that had reached the given decision-making parameters as determined by the committee forwarding the proposal.  


6. Autonomy of decisions within SC: The SC will be a group autonomous of the General Assembly in terms of issues discussed and/or decisions made. The decisions made by the committees that comprise the SC- i.e. all committees that comprise OC- will have equal weight to any decision made by the GA.



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