Day 85 - 12/16/11 - 7pm GA minutes

Dec 16th notes

Mod evelyn stack Lucas minutes Edgar

Intro, format, quick ga tonight

Committee announcements:

-sam, sec: tomorrow special Gen assembly at HQ 500 w vernal at 7pm
-Josh tech: # Ndaa should be promoted do so
-arts & Rec 1-4 pm think tank theater. Ben Nora sky will be there 1770 w berteau room 207
-occupy rp hosting a ga this Sunday at 7pm. Food not bombs at 2pm ask Babur about his details
-Josh housing: we need help with important stuff. Trying to figure out future actions, come to our housing meeting. Sunday Wednesday and Friday after ga.
-reminder that anyone can host a housing meeting
- Thursday at 4 Sunday's at 6 is when sec meets, join us!
-- calls for assistance
-want to purchase a bus, temp check on pursuing it was positive. Mor info on it presented next week
-group called cornerstone comm outreach, they do great work. They need help so I am asking for volunteers for them. want to help homeless, to reach out to them. Next to Truman college. Call for assistance!
10 minute break
Kelvin from Taiwan: call for assistance : outreach day to save mental health clinics tomorrow at (ask Evelyn for info)

-proposal, ask sam. We should suspend Gen assemblies on the eves. This will be up for vote.
-motion to waive the entire reading of proposal. Seconded. Proposal does not have to be read word for word
-this proposal does not do enough to define what makes happiness. We need to do more to fight system
- this proposal is not inclusive to my religion. Have a happy holidays
- friendly amendment: the Jewish people should eat Chinese food together.Accepted.
-friendly amendment: we should show HQ people support on those days anyway.
-we will now vote: 16 for. One abstention. 100% in favor unanimous vote!
- soapbox:
-sharing info done research on, dealing with your rights. Notification of resignation of rights. Laws that deal with money. There is a law that says they can give you lawful money or fed reserve notes. Title 13 sec 411 tax free. Expecting to get money. This is helpful info. Ucc1-308. Can use this to deal with common laws. Conditional acceptance of offer and redraft. Law about dealing with specific police. Third thing is something to get rid of any debt you have. Ask Silas king for info
-join committee to help plan protests for g8 NATO
-we should all be aware that its so awesome to take individual actions and initiative. As far ask asking for donations and saying it's occ chi, it's gets tricky. You need to be careful, do not do this without consulting ga. You should make it known the difference between occ chi sponsored things and individual action.
- we have a birthday, Ruben! Happy bday Ruben!
- individual action, working on 2012 peaceful resolution for change. Wanna have it in place for g8 and NATO that explains why we are non violent. Gonna keep it short and done in time for new years eve. Hopefully we'll adopt it
- dave's belated birthday, happy birthday!
- taking up a non occupy fund anyone wants to help let me know
-was given a shirt for helping on 66th and king drive. They want to appreciate us, we will be on radio station on Sunday 102.3 fm announcing it all day Sunday. Listen!
- show support to people at HQ! They need you!
Assembly adjourned!


Monday, December 19, 2011 - 8:15pm