Day 76 - 7pm General Assembly Minutes

Date/Time:  12/7/2011, 7:15pm
Location: Congress & Michigan, relocated to Metra tunnel
Attendance Count: none taken
Moderator: Trina, Timekeeper: Nicole/Dave, Stack: Dave, Note Taker: Dollface


  • housing: looked at a space across from grace place. g.a. held inside this friday. vote this weekend
  • social media: occupy newspaper is out and available. media for us, by us squash mainstream media's control over what information is available and when
  • conflict resolution: questions and conflicts about restorative justice non-violent offenders shouldn't be in jail, they should be rehabilitated peace circles are a way to engage both victim and offender training at noon, on saturday, at depaul center interested in facilitation training? january 2-5 at depaul university (2 day course is $75, 4 day course is $125)
  • secretariat: agendas due by 3pm on sundays. sundays are when the agenda schedule for the week is made goal is to give everyone a chance to speak and present to g.a. meetings are sundays at 4pm, open to all
  • outreach: it's been 1 month since oakland ratified the reclamation of abandoned homes and buildings 4 properties have been taken back, in chicago, during the last month property on throop needs emergency assistance: security detail and campers
  • research: facts are needed, not opinions
  • civil liberties defense: 66 people filed to dismiss their charges city has filed a motion to consolidate all cases plan to show up for all court dates, unless NLG advises otherwise
  • donations: money has been transferred from wepay to fiscal escrow funds can now be spent (up to $200 without approval from g.a.) assistance needed from accountants
  • direct action: 12/14/2011 national day of action, in solidarity with london will intermingle with teachers' union rally, than occupy city hall developing questions for rahm, to be posted 5 days before event if the questions aren't answered, mayor's office will be overturned meeting on sunday at 3pm, in mcdonald's to discuss
  • arts and rec: "occupy my heart" play 12/23/2011 and 12/26/2011 keep children occupied 12/17/2011, from 1-4pm, at think tank


  • banner making for 12/14/2011
  • 87th and throop:  needs work and construction, contact occupy the hood home was broken into, due to being empty at night. pipes were busted and flooded basement
  • free, free market: needs donations, care packages, and presents.  Drop off: 5650 s. woodlawn, from 10am-5pm; drop off: 6902 n. glendwood. 12/17/2011, from 10am-2pm, need volunteers and literature to hand out
  • NATO/G8 planning: tech and direct action, needs help with coordination
  • all for peace radio: israeli government forcefully shut them down needs $20,000 to hand legal issues
  • Occupy Chicago Tribune:  goal is to spread information to non occupiers and communities all over chicago needs help with distribution raising money through kickstarter
  • reclaiming homes working: group needed
  • hq: more people needed during the day the movement still needs a presence downtown


  • civil liberties defense
    portion of donated funds needed for assistance want a trial by jury NLG works on a sliding scale potentially fees: $250 for court, $500 possible fine, city is sending a message that we will have to pay for the right to protest
  • Occupy Chicago Clothing Line:
    Sean asking permission for endorsement. 25% of profits to go to Occupy Chicago, 25% of profits to go to hind's veterans hospital, 50% of profits to go back into production. wants to use American made companies for shirts, hats, jackets, etc. $10-$15 per shirt. can start as soon as approval is gained from g.a.
    • Suggested Amendments:
      • information on company practices needed for approval
      • excess goods to be given to occupy and veterans


  • Secretariat: Emergency Proposal to Move Friday GA Indoors - PASSED (unanimous in favor with change of location to DePaul/Metra tunnel)
    building on dearborn, across from grace place, can use space for g.a. on friday, at 7pm
    • stack:
      • handicapped accessible.
      • 2500 square feet on ground floor
      • discuss all specifics on friday for the Housing vote, this is just about holding GA there on Fri.
      • when it's cold, we don't make the best decisions
      • no funds required
      • open space for meeting is 1200 square feet. two furnaces and working bathrooms
      • conflict of interest to have a vote on multiple locations in one of the proposed spaces
      • size may not be adequate
      • seeing the place for ourselves is useful
      • determining pros and cons can be considered in a physical manner
      • location is convenient
      • power outlets available for streaming, recording minutes, and hot beverages
      • because there is so much concern, should we move discussion to Sunday?
      • g.a. hosted in different buildings to counteract possible bias
      • projector would help with images of other spaces
      • being in the building will help give a better idea of how much space is needed
      • extended a privilege by real estate broker, should take advantage of it
      • best possible presentation will happen indoors
      • alternate location for friday's g.a. that is not a candidate?
      • it's more important to be indoors (equipment, warmth, etc.)
      • if 1200 square feet is working space, this location should not even be considered an option because it's too small
      • better to see with own eyes than watch a video or look at photos
      • another location as a viable option for friday (600 s. wabash, 4500 square feet, also a candidate)
      • presentation on friday, voting on saturday
      • housing had done so much work, whatever is chosen is not an offense to any other place not picked
      • offensive to think being in a candidate location will create such a bias that the smart decision can't be reached
      • Friendly Amendment:  alternate location for friday's g.a. (basement of depaul center, open until 10pm, power outlets)
      • likelihood of removal unknown
    • Vote passed unanimously with the friendly amendment of holding Friday's g.a. in basement of Depaul, with meeting point at the horse. if asked to leave, move to roosevelt university or metra underpass.  -  PASSED (unanimous in favor)
  • Addressing violent Individuals in the movement, specifically recent incidents - NO VOTE PASSED, DISCUSSION TABLED
    11/19/2011 housing meeting -  mark d. being evicted from potential location for home not upfront with this information argued substantially to removed this space from possible options mark d. becomes paranoid, talks about conspiracy theories at length sugar was trying to get back into the building, sugar attempted reasoning with mark d. mark d. yelled profanities and shoved sugar complaint filed by sugar. neutral members to get mark's statement, mark d. was insulting and defended position, the more mark d. spoke, the more afraid people became mark d. tried to victimize himself before g.a.
    12/05/2011, 11:45pm - arrest of mark d. at g.a. tonight (sugar made the call to the police): witness account from dr. laura helping new people get into grace place saw pushing and shoving between brian j. and mark d. torn shirts, heavy breathing, and sweaty petroleum substance (brake fluid) flung all over sidewalk mark d.'s nose gushing blood swearing and name calling.  mark d. was not supposed to be at grace place. threw hot water in brian j.'s face mark d. rushed brian j. and they wrestled out of both doors, brake fluid flung by mark d., hit doug (trying to mediate) in the eye. mark d. threatened to set brian j. and doug on fire order of protection obtained by brian j. mark currently being taken to psychologist at hospital, than to jail mark has not been issued papers, in regards to order of protection. mark d. made statement about being willing to work with peace circle. court date to be determined. documented drafted and signed by different committees, mark d. should be removed from occupy for violent acts in violation of precedent on non-violence potential for formal proposal to suspend mark d. from occupy
    current process in consideration:
    1. peace circle
    2. committees can propose expulsion of member in question (9 people on at least 3 committees)
    3. g.a. votes on expulsion
    4. removal from movement (no stack, no votes, no committees, option of shaming)
    5. if legal action is in play, police should be called
    • stack:
      • peace circle has not yet been agreed on by everyone as viable method
      • mediation will not solve all problems
      • can deny votes, stack privileges, and minutes inclusion
      • correlation between mental illness and violence does not apply to interactions, just treatment methods
      • both parties should be present at a peace circle, but is not required
      • form of support, en lieu of police involvement
      • discretion and unbiased decisions need to happen, based on facts and not opinions (process required)
      • no formal precedent for dealing with violence has been presented at g.a.
      • current process is not being respected (most people are ignorant of housing situation)
      • new process needs legitimacy
      • mark d. threatened and attacked those who stood up to handle situations
      • currently, there are legal proceedings against mark d., by candidate building, that were not made transparent
      • to say a method used prior to now is not legitimate because of new methods is not sound logic (does not negate prior decisions)
      • past issues are not the purpose of tonight's proposal
      • new process provides solutions, but assumes the only people affected are the involved parties
      • this affects everyone in the movement
      • if mental illness is determined to be a factor and offender agrees to treatment, reintegration should be considered
      • we need to work towards restitution, expulsion is an extreme decision to make
      • if someone thinks they are in immediate danger, they should be able to call the police
      • no formal document and process has been made or presented to group, as a whole
      • violence is unacceptable and needs to be addressed
      • the end doesn't justify the means (proposal to g.a. for expulsion)
      • offenders need to be informed of decisions and discussions
      • the new precedent is not yet in place and shouldn't be used until approved by g.a.
      • offenders also need the option of being present for discussion and decisions
      • we are not a nation, we gather voluntarily. we need to create the ideals we will follow
      • there are important histories of violence and assault, in relation to race and gender (we need to be sensitive to these issues)
      • this proposal is inhuman because it negates innocence until proven guilty
      • g.a. deserves to hear all sides of the story
      • defender's rights are equally important to victim's rights
      • conversations tend to be antagonizing (emotional bullying is a form of violence)
      • when talking about defending oneself, in relation to violence, there is not a defense to be made
      • we can't discuss this in a traditional judiciary manner because voting has certain limitations to human rights
      • 9 people is a very small number to be in charge of making a proposal to expel someone
      • g.a. must vote on the proposal for it to pass
      • when possible, all members involved in a situation should be present for a vote of this magnitude
      • when did g.a. become god?
      • not all issues can be resolved by a 9/10 vote
      • criminal and violent situations cannot be resolved by banishment or lock up
      • what makes peace is restorative justice
      • violence solves nothing, people who choose this route should be removed.
      • we're all adults, we can all have discussions like adults
    • Agreed on having a Violence Protocol Discussion on Thursday, 12/08/2011 at 7pm
      meeting at the Metra underpass (moved to roosevelt university at 10:30pm due to police removal)
    • Vote called for the temporary explosion of Mark until formal process established - DOES NOT PASS
    • Vote called for Mark to not be welcome during the discussion on Thursday - DOES NOT PASS


  • friday's g.a. to be held in basement of depaul, with meeting point at the horse
    if asked to leave, move to roosevelt university or metra underpass
    vote passes unanimously
  • marks temporary expulsion until formal process can be enforced
    does not pass
  • tomorrow night, mark is not welcome at protocol discussion
    does not pass


Wednesday, December 7, 2011 - 7:00pm