Day 67 - General Assembly Minutes

Date/Time: 11/28/11; 7:20pm start
Location: Congress & Michigan
Attendance Count: approximately 35
Moderator: Eli, Timekeeper: Caitlin, Stack: Sean, Note Taker: Nicole


  • College Outreach – Ariel: occupying your future: event on Dec. 5th at 4pm. Rally at HQ and breakout groups about education topics. Working with occupations statewide! All the share ideas.
  • External Coordination – Ariel: recreating this group and meeting Dec. 6th with tech committee to begin discussing how to occupy your library to share ideas with other occupations.
  • Labor Outreach – Andy: lots of things happening over next 2 weeks to kick Rahm’s butt. On Dec. 12th Occupations along the West Coast and across the nation are calling for a total port shutdown of the west coast. Would like to stand in solidarity with them. More info here:
    Labor working group now has a weekly newsletter, for those occupiers who are workers send in small stories that you would like published. This will compliment the Occupy Chicago Tribune. Submissions can be made through the committee page online,
  • Direct Action – Dave: restructured and now a “collective”. They will have Sunday meetings at 2 or 3pm and focus on working groups for individual actions. There is a form to fill out and help you plan, but anyone can form a working group. Meeting is to collaborate and get ideas. They are also planning to facilitate a bi-weekly action training sessions open to the entire community. More info to come.
    Danielle: SEIU is taking back the Capital on Dec. 6-9th, and OC has received an invite to join from StandUp! Chicago. They have a van leaving Chicago on Dec. 5th and  all transportation and housing costs are covered, but they are asking that we participate in 2 of the many planned actions. These are the  Dec 7th action targeting corporate lobbyists, one of which is the lobby firm CLGC, from which a memo was recently leaked disclosing their advisory on how to kill the Occupy movement at the behest of John Boehner and the Dec 8th march of 3,000 people to Speaker Boehner's office. In addition to participating in those actions we’ll have days to do other things while in the area like join Occupy D.C.
  • Spiritual Affairs – Sam: Every Tuesday from 4:30pm to 6pm there is group mediation.
  • Press – Sam: let us know about events at least 5 days before to help build support and attendance. There is a form for any press release, just contact for
  • info
  • Secretariat
  • – Caitlin: new GA changes are posted in the forum [here] to be voted on Tuesday 7pm. Go online and give feedback! If you have other ideas on how to improve talk to us.
  • Conflict Resolution – Sean: next meeting will be on Wed. at 5:30pm at the Barnes & Noble Cafe at Jackson & State.
  • Safety & Security – meeting at 5:30pm Friday at HQ to discuss reformation and other tactics for
  • peacekeeping
  • Arts
  • & Rec – Jimmy: having another event/concert on Fri. 12/2 Occupy! Multi Kulti. I can’t stress enough the need for Ally Cats help with promotion. We are currently putting together own promo team as well. Based on the numbers this past Friday we barely broke even, but groups involved took a hit because they are great. Let's make sure we have a good turnout this Friday!
  • Donations – Abel: now able to receive donations by check make payable and mailed to 8th Day Center for Justice, 205 W. Monroe St., Chicago 60606.


  • Eli – I still needs 60 feet of rope for a banner at the horse.
  • Adrian – member of NLG. The NLG student group at DePaul College of Law is having a training session. We would like to have the newly trained members come out to Occupy Chicago and offer legal observance. Let me know if there is a specific time that would be best. Thinking Saturday as large attendance. Also let me know if you have had any problems.
  • Matt – Organizing a Free Free Market and would like to work with the other neighborhood occupations to make it awesome.
  • ? - Occupy UIC/ Occupy Rahm on Friday, planning an action and would like OC’s help with it. See more info under "Presentations for Future Voting"

(10 minute breakout session)


  • Support for CTU Workshop & Board Speak Out voting on 11/29 [forum link]
    Labor Outreach - Andy: Mayor Emanuel has signaled that he wants to re-ignite the school closing effort, but this time at a much higher level. A leaked memo from the Chicago Public Schools reveals that Rahm's new team would like to close nearly 140 schools in the next two years. Currently the Chicago Board of Education is dominated by 1 percenters, including billionaire Penny Pritzker and former Chief Executive Officer of the Board of Trade, and current president of the Board of Education, David Vitale. In recent years, parents at many schools have led vigorous efforts to fight the closings and been able to stave off the attacks through militancy, partnerships and resilience. They deserve our support!
    We propose that Occupy Chicago join with the Chicago Teachers Union and more than 18 community organizations and public sector unions to endorse as well as promote our December 3rd forum to organize against school closings, join us in a camp out in front of the Board of Education on December 13th and come together at a speak-out at the Board of Education on December 14th where we will challenge the Board to stop it's undemocratic attack on our schools. We will argue that city leaders must support not dismantle the schools we depend on.
    • Stack:
      • Support because teachers are awesome and Dailey started an attack on them, well probably going on longer than that. No reason not to support the teachers. They are here for our actions so we should stand with them.
      • Went to high school where Rahm went and got a tremendous education because in a good location despite my person situation. All areas deserve this type of education.
      • Support because we need to support people being educated by public.
      • CTU member: they are closing 10 schools and firing all staff including teachers, engineers, custodial… There will be 20 by the end of the week. We are trying to save these schools & jobs.
      • This is a class and race issue. Closures are happening in the far SS far west side. If you are against racism it is important you are there on Saturday.
      • First time at OC GA has been to Occupy St. Louis. Important to call out Rahm and the names behind corporate pressure, not just the politicians acting on it. Also call out those who are making money on these closures.
  • Join PFAC in Demo Against Corporate Education voting on 11/29 [forum link]
    Labor Outreach - Andy: The importance of education extends to higher education as well. The purpose of this demonstration is to draw public attention to College practices and policies that are anti-labor and harmful to college faculty, staff, and students. These include: escalating union-busting activities; declining working, salary, and learning conditions; bad-faith bargaining; and unilateral attempts by the College to control the work place, the work force, working conditions, pay rates, and every aspect of employment, study, financial accounts, student welfare, and institutional mission.
    We propose that Occupy Chicago join and help build support for the PFAC demonstration on December 6 and 7, 2011, beginning at noon (lasting about two hours), outside the Columbia College administration building located at 600 S. Michigan Ave, where the College Board of Trustees will be meeting on both days.
    • Stack:
      • Free education is possible in the US as Argentina[...] has it with less money, less teachers and smaller budgets. There is $1.7 trillion in pornography and I want to to know where the taxes for are. Our women need an education.
      • PFAC - have been negotiating for a contract for almost 2 years now at the same time Columbia ha been evaluating by prioritization on what brings in money. Please support this. I have posters & leaflet’s for I go to Columbia and the teachers and staff make very little money here.
      • Summer of 2009 students began writing petitions when tuition prices, and they've gone up significantly since then. This is long over due and needs to be addressed.
  • Occupy UIC: Unwelcoming for Rahm - [did not arrange for voting date] [forum link]
    Rahm is speaking at University of Chicago for the Future of Chicago lecture series and his vision is much different than ours. The students of Occupy UIC are organizing an Unwelcoming Rally at 11am in front of the Student Center. They would like the endorsement of Occupy Chicago. We are also asking to move the 1:30pm GA to the campus of UIC.
    • Stack:
      • Opportunity to directly engage Rahm like in a town hall meeting. If disrupting I disagree with being involved with this action.
        Direct Response – it is a lecture. We are having another organizing meeting on Wed. at UIC that anyone is welcome to attend. Anything beyond the rally will be discussed then.
      • The cuts are attacks on public workers and the 99% of the city. It isn’t just about money it is about attacks.
      • Nothing funner than mic checking Rahm, someone who did this last week he is a coward and will get upset and run away. We should confront Rahm as these are not abstract cuts, they are attacks on the working poor who need heat, cutting mental health facilities it attacking the ill[…] he needs to be called out and taken out of the limelight.
      • Tactically he is aware we are going to mic check, so suggest a 2nd wave if people are taken out after first
      • Entertaining to see him wrap up his speech in 60 seconds. We need to make him face the people who he is attacking.
      • Love the ideas of sleepers.


  • Statement on National Defense Authorization Act - PASSED (31 in favor, 0 opposed, 1 abstain)
    Feel this is targeted at the Occupy Movement. They are asking for the names of the leaders, so they can act against them, and this bill will allow that to happen. They are voting on this bill is tomorrow so we need to get the messaging out tonight.
    Occupy Chicago opposes the language featured in the National Defense Authorization Act, which if passed would allow for the indefinite detention of American citizens by the military without charge or trail anywhere in the world.  This expands and codifies tactics from the War on Terror of illegal detentions condemned by international law and our own constitution.   We urge senators Durbin and Kirk to oppose this type of legislation in any form.
    • Stack:
      • In favor of the proposal because asking us to talk about it and raise awareness of these facts. Going to blast these messages over social media and encourage individuals to include on their own posts. Right now Congress can’t get anything done.
      • My father was born and raised in Iran and they operate very differently. He was advocating for change [didn't get group name]. Everyone he knows that was a part of that movement is dead or in jail. Had he not come to the US he would also be there. We need to not let that happen to us.
      • I support this statement. Today we had an action on this and got the message to his office. We need to put our basic rights and civil liberties out there. Unacceptable to be treated as a terrorist.
      • In favor because they are spending 68% of the national budget on security now they want to put everyone in jail. If any citizen can now be held in any precinct of American guard.
      • Mention of military prison/jail, for those of you who were arrested in an action and got your call. You will not get your call you will not get your call. You will disappear and not get your day before a judge.
      • 4th amendment. This is the same language & technique on designating detainees on the War on Terror. In 2001 they did this same thing, the tactics are coming home and we should be against this. Colonialism is now being used on our citizens.
      • Remind people that we are already doing these things without passing laws. Obama authorized the assassination of an American citizen far from the battle line and Bradley Manning is still being held.
    • A temp check was called to skip 15 minute breakout session - no
    • opposed
    • Vote taken:  31 favor, 0 opposed, 1 abstain


  • Outreach- there are reps from Midwest Worker’s Association for people in Englewood who are here to ask Occupy Chicago to work with them and advocate for the work they do like fighting utility shutoffs for tenants. We need people to help us fight because you can win if you. There is also a Christmas party on Dec. 18th they would like OC to participate in.
  • Oppose the proposal about having 4 GA’s a week and would like to have 2 per week.
  • From Occupy the South Side, having Occupy the Red Line meeting at McDonald's next to the 9th/Dan Ryan Red Line stop at  at 5:30pm tomorrow. We will have a brief meeting to run through the script, assign roles, distribute flyers and discuss the plan. Around 6pm, we will board the Red Line train and take it to Jackson. From there we will march to the Occupy Chicago General Assembly at Congress and Michigan. [info here]
  • National Nurses United – Theo: the British government is attacking healthcare and activists are mobilizing on Nov. 30th. We are doing a solidarity action outside the British Consulate. [info here]
  • While working in different committees I recognized a pattern of problems with older members and new members. Once old members spend a lot of time working on a solution to a given problem, then new members have ideas and are not feeling welcome. We need to come up with a solution maybe a subcommittee to deal with this problem. As it keeps happening.
  • Occupy Your Future on Dec. 5th, would like anyone who knows people are other statewide occupations to find her with contact info.
  • Not to step on Occupy South Side toes, Occupy el Barrio is hosting their weekly occupation meeting tomorrow at 18th St & Blue Island.
  • Nicole - Occupy Chicago has been invited to the People's Thanksgiving this Saturday, and offered an award for the community activism. [more info here]. They are giving us 10 free tickets, so we are holding a raffle for 2 of them to have one person from Outreach & one person from Press as these people will speak at the event. The remaining 8 tickets will be distributed to 3 to other neighborhood occupations and 5 for a live drawing at GA. Event starts at 4pm. Cost is $30, but $5 for unemployed and children.
    • Reponse: what about Occupy Rogers Park?
      Direct Repsonse: I love Rogers Park and they should definitley get one too!
    • Response: As there are 5 neighborhood occupations in Chicago (OC, Rogers Park, Pilsen, OTH, South Side), why don't we give 2 to each group and not give away any at GA?
      Direct Response: I think that sounds like a good plan. Accepted! Just need to figure out how to get then to those groups... [reps from each neighborhood group came forward]j

Meeting adjourned.


Monday, November 28, 2011 - 5:00pm