Day 55 - 7pm General Assembly Minutes

Date/Time: 11/16/11, 7 pm
Location: Congress & Michigan

Attendance Count: none taken
Moderator & Timekeeper: Randy, Stack: ?, Note Takers: Tony & Nicole


  • Housing – Zoe: housing meeting tonight – at 9pm
  • Spiritual Affairs – meeting for 12-step group, still trying to form. Meeting on Friday 3-5pm at Grace Place (637 S. Dearborn), Saturday 2-4pm for a committee organizing meeting, and the weekly meditation is on Tuesday’s at 4:30pm at Jackson & LaSalle.
  • Arts & Rec – Trina: Christmas Carol – Occupy Version – meeting at HQ 6pm Friday before GA.
  • Concert next week at Reggie’s – party bus – will pick up at GA at 8:30pm – trying to organize an information table to have at the event for recruiting.
  • Conflict Resolution – Sean: security meeting tonight after GA
  • Want to address potential conflicts for future events– seeking more help
  • Education – postponing first of two teach-ins for this Saturday (the one on immigration)
  • Donations – getting finances squared with legal status – involves Crossroads – voting Friday – will be proposal up by tomorrow – law project has offered free legal service – want us to fill out form to keep them retained –signing on as a group (Keiran & Andrew as of now), but members may view the form. Donations committee will be dissolving when Treasury Committee is complete
  • Ally Cats - James: tomorrow people are requesting for the Ally Cats to be there to help out tomorrow (to scout the location and block traffic and be fast, nimble and awesome), if you have a bike bring it. Sent an email for printers to get flyers to distribute tomorrow.
  • Diversity – James: Diversity Comm. would like to have a representative in each comm. for every action/even. That rep can report back to the Div. Comm. to make sure that action is diverse.
  • Visual Media – James: we have a weekly phone conference at 10pm on Wednesday []
  • Social Media – Kayla: just got back from OWS it was awesome. If you have twitter use the hashtag #N17 for events relating to tomorrow to get it out to everyone. Trending in Australia, China & Japan. Also in US.
  • Direct Action – Evelyn: trying to make sure that the GA’s desires are shown in our actions. Tomorrow will be awesome. Have a meeting after this GA so come if you want to hear what is planned for the 17th. We are restructuring Direct Action Comm., so if interested in joining that discussion, come this weekend. More info soon.
    Max: Tomorrow’s DA will involve an epic act of theater, logistical aspects should be referred to DAC if interested in being involved in these parts. Points: running tape, banner, speech that can be shared, need more marshals, street blocking.
    99 & Bunny: Emphasize need for march marshals for tomorrow.
  • Outreach – David: flyer for Nov. 17th emphasizes the StandUp! Chicago action, so I made a flyer that emphasizes solidarity with OWS. Also have quarter sheets avail. Strategy is to give them to people and say time and location, also on car windshields, newspapers and businesses. On Friday this week [11/19] there is a low key action that has support from Outreach. Bread line from HQ to the Thompson Center to Gov. Quinns office to protest corrupt CME, CBOE tax giveaways we can't afford! On Monday, Nov. 21st the IL. House votes on SB 405. Walk in a single file line asking Quinn for our personal handout. Meet at 12pm at HQ. Flyers for this also for this.

Announcement from an Occupy LA visitor – Occupy LA & Occupy San Antonio are hosting migrations so get out of the cold and join us. If you want to go somewhere warm visit the Facebook pages for more info. Get in touch if there is anything OLA can do out there to support Chi. Requests a quick video of solidarity for Occupy San Diego [GA sings: Fists up high! Touch the sky! This the way we occupy!]

  • Secretariat – Micah: working on 2 things to make GA run smoothly: revised procedures along with clear and easy to understand guide for how to participate in the GA, how to submit proposals for consideration and how the procedure works. Fit on a half sheet and pass around frequently. If you would like to work with the SEC we meet Sunday’s at 4 and Wed. at 6pm at the Corner Bakery (Jackson & Michigan)
  • Press – Orion: we need more members! Specifically people who can aggregate press stories for us meaning when something OC related happens look for info and send; other is making press releases. We will train you on writing press releases.
    Evelyn: if you are approached by a reporter who is asking questions you don’t know the answers to or very serious business. Please send them to the Press Comm.! email []
  • Civil Liberties Defense –  GA voted to hold a rally at City Hall Mon. Nov. 21 at 4pm to draw attention to fact that arrestees are still here and pissed off. Wants OC to make this the big deal that it is. Work together to show Rahm how pissed off we are.  Drop charges and give OC a homebase. Comm. is collecting info from those arrested, if you’ve been arrested for anything related to OC talk to CLDC.


  • Occupiers led by Nancy Wade the online organizer of a petition calling for a base from which Chicagoans in sympathy can continue to exercise 1st Amendment Right met with Felicia Davis to give petition signed by over 10,300 with a cover letter requesting the ongoing need to respect OC right to peacefully assemble. Davis confirmed Mayor’s commitment; about 1 hour and 25 min was giving to OC delegates to make our point and was productive. Davis heard about the grievances related to recent police attitudes and treatment to occupiers. Davis obtained a better understanding of how OC can make and keep commitments for cont. peaceful assemblies with a focus on safety and respect for property within internal groups. Davis requested that OC provide a proposal for the use of public space by OC. Asking that OC keep in mind that the city has an obligation to keep events safe and secure. Request for proposal will be taken to the OC Housing Comm.
    • Motion for a Stack before a comm. begins working on it to discuss pros/cons. Positive temp check will happen after the Breakout Discussion.
    • Stack [after breakout discussions]
      • We’ve already had this discussion that they are welcome to speak to us as a movement and that we won’t ask them for anything until they do so. I don’t know how I feel about it, but feel it is an opportunity to have them screw us over. They are smart and our lawyers have already met with them. Previous GA said only our lawyers could go.
      • In general I think this gives us a good standing as far as publicity after they turn us down. It won’t impact whether we decide to occupy after they turn us down. Re: requiring the mayor’s office to come to GA as being productive. What I would like at see at perhaps tomorrows GA which should be largely attended, I would like to know how many of those people will honestly camp through the winter every single day. If we camp on a Saturday with union support they won’t be there on a Monday.
      • The representative that was met with Felicia Davis used to work at my school. I’ve dealt with this woman for 3 years and she is manipulative and deceiving. I don’t think we should do anything she asks us to do. She has her own motives that aren’t in support of this movement.
      • Max: any way this unfolds will not be positive for us. We can supply the mayor’s office with a prop about taking whatever space and they can decline us. Waste of time. Or they grant it, then 2-3 weeks they will find without a date our security/sanitation… is not sufficient and will kick us out so they can say “we gave them a chance, but they are dirty hoodlums…” defacing us and giving them power. Power, we don’t have to do what the Mayor tells us, so helping him squash us is not good for us. We’re occupy and we take stuff don’t ask for it. That’s what Chicago Spring is about. We’ll bring the thousands back to take the space with/without permission.
      • We’re the people, we take it cause it ours. Tactic is ineffective if they give us a little space to sit down in.
      • We already don’t have a space and have tried to take one 3 times. We’re out here cause we have nothing to lose. What’s the harm in diversifying our tactics? This land is our land. WE shouldn't have to ask for anything, but any good soldier knows, study your enemy and use their tactics. If they feel like we need to go with the laws/ordinances, and want a proposal we write them every day. Won’t be hard. They say yes or no. We won’t lose anything by doing this. Also, some people have asked why they didn’t grant us any permits because the event last Sat. we could have had louder sound if we had one. Why haven’t we gone about this in a legal way? I understand, but more for not going legal way if law doesn’t make sense in the first place. Shouldn’t change or words or message.
      • We already said we wouldn't talk to the mayor until they drop the charges. So if we take a meeting it should be after the last case or after charges dropped. Can make it work with what we are doing. Should send lawyers. None of us should go negotiate with them. This is a good chance for Housing Comm. to show how good they are and smart we are when we’re planning things. Make a press release that address city’s concerns, completely reasonable but city will not give us.
      • Use the GA’s inefficiency and think about it for a while and work with the NLG. Then it is warm and we have a presentation. Good PR moment
      • I don’t agree with idea of negotiating with the ruling class as if they deserve to be recognized as such. We should be consistent, you are welcome to come to our GA as we have a way to organize our own decision making process. You can have a vote like everyone else. Don’t ask for anything. Reiterate difference between direct democracy and representative.
      • The first demand before saying anything is they have to drop all charges even for those who pled guilty. Lawyers can sell you out because they are so much a part of the capitalist system they will sell you out regardless if they mean to. Need to be there during negotiation. Rahm treats our comrades like shit and cannot be trusted. If we make demands they need to be beyond what he can accept. Need to show what jerks democrats are.
  • What was the result of the Mental Health Care action?
  • Direct Response – last protesters left at 10:30pm, no one arrested; according to Huffington Post.
  • Needs help organizing flying squads to canvas targeted neighborhoods and locations. There will be scripts and training available.
    Direct Response - Ally Cats are here to help with canvassing neighborhoods.
    Question – Which locations? How were these locations chosen?
    Response – the targets are not yet chosen
  • Diversity Comm. needs regularly scheduled meetings and to utilize Google Groups more. Needs help with that as very important comm. that deserves time.
  • Committee Boards exist and spent a lot of time to make them, they need to be used. At Grace Place (5 min from HQ), so people need to bring them to GA. Then it is easier for people to locate committees to talk to. [99 left to retrieve them]
  • Would like details about OC participation with the Thanksgiving Day Parade as would like to create human floats or signs related to the “being thankful…”
    Direct Response – we are not marching in the parade. Should work with Arts & Rec and Direct Action.
  • I want to put a banner at the Horse for our GA. Need a couple white bedsheets and rope. Materials will go to Arts & Rec to do the work. Thinking something like 99%.
    Direct Response – will need spray paint also
  • Last night, there was talk of low presence at HQ – and the need for folks to have something to do – maybe add movie screenings, etc – perhaps organize a night for a social gathering – building up our presence again – making HQ comfortable – even thought it’s cold
  • Kelvin – talk of Occupying Foreclosed Homes – need help – folks to canvass neighborhoods – folks ready to help renovate, paint, clear trash – talk to Kelvin to volunteer


  • Call for outstanding proposals requesting time for presentations, no response for these:
    • Conflict Resolution
    • Solidarity w/ Immigrants Right’s Activists (Occupy el Barrio)
    • Black Friday March Presentation
    • Fair Elections Act
  • Jamie - More Efficient Running GA [link to forum here]
    More efficient GA – put up GA by committee to allow structure and planning of individual schedules, number of committees, number of committees divided by seven gives us the number of groups to speak each day at GA – voting cycles will be one week long – based on friendly amendments – language changes – get online feedback – to take pressure off those who are overwhelmed and backlogged with email – committees will present during the week – both assemblies – original presentation will be on day one of the week long cycle – voting will occur on day seven – stack lines – three sections – one for opposed, one for support, one for not sure? – will help focus thoughts of GA members – organize discourse – keep participants more interested.
    • Stack:
      • Not sure if different stack lines will work – might cause conflict
      • Not sure about proposal – some committees have stuff coming more than once a week – need stuff to get done fast – once a week will slow us down
      • Two concerns – if you have days JUST for direct action, etc, there will be less people, everyone in group should be informed of ALL efforts
      • Likes more time to consider proposals – also, granted housing committee the ability to seek for warmer place – having seven days to consider that important of a proposal is critical
      • Likes proposal – likes having more time to consider, perhaps Saturday morning committees could meet to discuss, vote on proposals then, regularly
      • Many existing rules – formulas for how things are dealt with – other proposals in the works are competing with this proposal – this only one proposal among many on how to run GA – should read all
      • Should not separate things such as committee announcements according to a seven day schedule – this would lead to people who cannot attend a certain day of the week to be kept out of specific committee involvement in possible areas of interest
      • Two things in conflict – speed vs. inclusion – must discuss a way to maximize both
      • Some committees have to meet daily – need spontaneous participation – doesn’t make sense to segregate committees to different days – we just need to narrow down the amount of proposals – possibly splitting the stacks as well
      • GAs in New York re much less organized, but the committees are much more empowered to act, they get more done


[Direct Action, Safety & Peacekeepers, and Housing left as needed to start committee meetings.]


  • Nice man has paid to have bumper stickers made!
  • Brother Zack asked us to relay a message to GA cause his car was towed due to his contact info from other occupies. He has been to 7 other occupation.

Motion to adjourn.


Wednesday, November 16, 2011 - 5:00pm


shared sacrifice

the president,all members of senate and congress,governors,state representatives,county board members, aldermen should all take a 40% pay cut to demonstrate they are willing to share in the sacrifice they are asking the citizens to make. In addition they should contribute their reelection funds to the city,state, or federal deficit to demonstrate their interest in the viability of the nation more so than their own political well being..