Day 52 - 7PM General Assembly

Date/Time: 11/13/11, 7 pm
Location: Congress & Michigan

Attendance Count: ~60

Announced: Monday, Nov. 14, 7pm GA will take place at 1414 E 59th Street immediately following the protest against Condi Rice and Henry Paulson. The protest runs from 6 PM to 9 PM and GA will follow that.


Social Media [Meg]: Social media hasa meeting tonight (11/13) at 9:30. All are welcome. We have over 20,000 twitterfollowers.

Secretariat [Rachel]: we’re thecommittee that organizes GAs, come to our meetings 6pm Wednesdays and 4pmSundays at the Corner Bakery at Jackson and Michigan. The Secretariat isworking on planning agendas in advanced and making space for generaldiscussion. Tomorrow night (11/14) GA will move to University of Chicago aspart of the Condoleezza Rice/Henry Paulson rally. Thursday’s GA will be part ofthe Global Day of Action and a huge turnout is expected.

Internal Coordination [David]: IC meetings are held twice a week, on Sundays and Wednesdays at 6pm. Wednesday’smeeting will be held at Roosevelt University library. IC is restructuring, working coordinating scheduling among committees. Press will be sending out an official Occupy Chicago Spring release (teaming with Social Media).

High School Outreach [David]: HSO is just getting started, their first meeting will be later this week, at a timeand place to be determined.

Direct Action [Jennifer]: DA iscoordinating a mass action for 11/17 and is looking for volunteers. Meet with Jennifer after GA, The potential for arrest is at the participants discretion.DA is also creating a banner in an art space loaned to OChi by Stand UpChicago. Volunteers are sought to help paint.

Civil Liberties Defense Committee [Austin]: CLDC is organizing all the people that have been arrested at OChirallies. They want to know who is planning on fighting the charges and whoplans to take a plea. CLDC wants to coordinate defenses with National LawyersGuild and group volunteer work by those who take are given community service.

CLDC [Kristy]: CLDC is tentativelyplanning a  rally on the 21st.A formal proposal will be presented later this week.

Housing: (note-taker did notrecord presenter’s name) Housing is working on finding place for the movement to survive winter. This space for organization, committee meetings, community building, etc but NOT SLEEPING. A subcommittee is investigating squatting and outdoor occupation. Housing is also looking for a bigger space to host GAs indoors; this is still under discussion.The committee is meeting tonight (11/13) after GA, and meets three times aweek.

Arts & Recreation [Trina]: A&R is working on building puppets, but unfortunately they won’t be readyfor the 11/14 rally. Hopefully, they will be completed for Thursday’s (11/17)actions. A&R is also planning an Occupy Play. The script is alreadywritten, it’s a retelling of A Christmas Carol set in the world of OccupyChicago. E-mail tovolunteer and help.

Conflict Resolution/Security:  Security is working on new overnightplans, as well as how to distance the movement from ne’er-do-wells whoassociate themselves with us.

Direct Action Follow-up: There willbe a rally, with coordinated Direct Actions inside and outside the speech by Condoleezza Rice and Henry Paulson. To clarify, this is not at Midway Airport. It’s at the Midway Plaisance across from the International House, 1414 East 59thStreet.




  • Labor committee march: Andy


“The Labor Committee proposes that we add a march and corporate speak-out after the DAC action ends on November17th.

On November 17th, after the 5:30 pmDA action has been completed we will march to Grant Park (the horse).

1) On our way we will stop at threecorporate tax dodgers with one speaker at each briefly talk about how they needto pay their “fair share” of taxes and what those taxes could be used for.

2) Each speaker, one per place,will speak for no more than three minutes.

3) We will start with VerizonWireless at 209 S LaSalle, then go to Chicago Mercantile Exchange & Bank ofAmerica (both and Lasalle & Jackson), then march down Jackson to Chase Bank(300 S Michigan).

4) Will will end at Grant park withthree more speakers before preceding with the GA (Again each speaker will beheld to three minutes).”


  • Speaker 1 proposed an amendmentstating that the action on November 17th is not a Direct ActionCommittee event but an Occupy event. (Steno did not record whether thisamendment was accepted as friendly). Speaker 1 went on to ask how the unions areinvolved in this event.
  • Direct Response from the LaborCommittee: many union members cannot participate in the Direct Actions from3:30 to 5:30, but will rally at 5:30 in addition to everyone else. They wouldalso like to not just participate in our actions but also march and rally,that’s why the proposal was made.
  • Speaker 2 asked: Is there enoughtime for march if the Direct Action ends at 6:30?
  • Direct response: With the largenumbers, legalistic adherance to start times won’t matter.
  • A representative from the DirectAction committee worried that multiple events will sap support from the plannedDirect Action.
  • Matt said: The CTA board hearingrally was an incredible way for Occupiers to hear the stories of and showalliance with rank and file workers. This is an opportunity to give workersanother chance to integrate more into what Occupy Chicago does.
  • Rachel said: I’m excited about theday of action to stand in solidarity with Occupiers across the country whosemovements are expanding and being threatened. Show that we stand with unions:airlines, teachers, librarians, etc will come out to stand with us. Allow us toconnect with other members of 99%.
  • Andy said: There are two things tounderstand: 1st: workers (especially ATU), if they come in uniform, riskgetting fired, we should embrace their courage and learn from it. 2ndLmany bureaucratic union leaders are being dragged into radicalizing unions bythe workers, so we need to instill confidence in them and make our movement asbig as we can. We can’t let labor be crushed by 1%!
  • Speaker 3: We need to go up against Chase and BoA, who we’re boycotting. It’s an awesome action.


  • Trademark Proposal


  • Occupy Wall Street almost missed their trademark, Jay-Z tried to co-opt OWS. We’re looking into trademarking ourname. We need GA authority to move forward immediately.

“Based on recent events with OccupyWall Street, it has come to the Legal Committee's attention that Occupy Chicagoneeds to focus on the immediate need to protect our name through a copyright andtrademark.

A few of us have been researchingand speaking with lawyers about the steps involved to secure the right toprotect the name and uses of "Occupy Chicago." We've also spoken witha representative from OWS, who said they nearly missed the opportunity becausean individual not associated with the movement had started filing paperwork.Luckily they took action, thereby blocking the unaffiliated from gainingcontrol of the name. This gives the the legal ability to stop Jay-Z frommerchandising the name and making a profit from branded shirts.

Our proposal states:

After reviewing OWS's paperwork, weneed approval to access the funds through one of our sources of assets to coverthe submission cost of $1300. We also need approval for the legal team toselect a group of representatives to sign the documents associated withtrademarking. These individuals will sign as an unincorporated association.

If this proposal passes, we willmeet at Chicago Kent College of Law, this Monday at 5pm to discuss movingforward. All are welcome to join.

Anyone interested in joining theconversation should email legal@occupychi.orgor speak to me after GA.”

  • Stack
    • Speaker 1 asked: Please clarify,are we talking about trademark or copyright? Direct Response: Trademark.
    • Speaker 1: Has an intellectualproperty lawyer been involved? Direct Response: not sure.
    • Speaker 1: What’s the $1300 for?Direct Response: The money is for the filing fees, based on information fromOccupy Wall Street.
    • Speaker 2: If trademark is based onfirst use not first filing, then this is not emergency.
    • Response: The proposers are justtrying to file for the trademark it so we don’t wind up in a court case toregain our own name. The legal committee just seeking the authority to dealinvestigate and deal with this problem.
    • Mark: This proposal would createseparate organization, how do we know they won’t walk away with our trademark.Mark expressed his disapproval.
    • Speaker 3: We’ve already discussedthis publicly, is it already too late? Speaker 3 stated that filing fees wouldbe closer to $ 300 than $1300. Someone already made us an LLC unilaterally, itis likely that trademark “probably already happened.”
    • Speaker 4: Strongly supports thisproposal. These things do move quickly. We need to give the go ahead to lookinto it. Speaker 4 also thinks the costs will be lower. Legal should do moreresearch and give the Assembly a full rundown.
    • Speaker 5: in favor. We need moredetails, which is the point of the proposal.
    • Speaker 6: Find out the detailsbefore you ask for money. Money for arrestees is a higher priority. The worstthing that could happen is that someone will make money off Occupy Chicago andmore people will where our shirts.
    • Point of Clarification: if someonetrademarks, we could get sued for using our own name.
    • Speaker 7: The issue is, do we wantto trademark? If so, we give permission to the legal committee and lawyers topursue this issue. We need to show our trust in them and our group, or we willslow ourselves down.
    • Speaker 8: The reason this approachwas taken was to prevent lack of transparency. The proposers are not asking forfunding and hitting the go button yet. Regarding our legal identity, it hasbeen pursued by independently and unilaterally by. Speaker 8 is upsetand waiting for his actions to be addressed.
    • Speaker 9: Thanks the committee forbringing this up and doing preliminary leg work but DOESN’T think we shouldapprove it. Everyone has Occupy merchandise made by volunteers. Our movement ispredicated on lack of ownership. “we are not a legal body, we’re a f***ingrevolution.” Who are they going to sue? We are leaderless. This isideologically against us.
    • Point of Process: please don’t shout out every time you disagree or think some one made a factually incorrect statement.
    • Speaker 10: We should get nike tomake our T-shirts.
    • Moderator: This proposal is beingsplit into two sections, one to give them permission to get trademark and oneto authorize spending.


  • Secretariat Emergency Proposal: Rachel

We expect tomorrow to be a large action. We will start GA with many new people. We want to show our process but adapt to the crowd there. We want permission to break usual procedure, to not discuss proposals etc but open the assembly format for excitement. The plan is to have community groups present on issues important to them.

  • Stack
    • Keith Smith asks side conversationsto stop, and advocates human mic.
    • David O: This proposal is good andbad. GA should be super energetic. Many will want to voice their opinions. Willwe patronize members who have been following us on-line? We should give them ataste of a normal GA, including having committee announcements.
    • Clarification: that’s whatSecretariat is planning.
    • Cary on CLDC: we want to presentour rally to tomorrows Assembly [taken as friendly amendment by Secretariat].
    • Speaker 1: Likes idea thatcommittees present ideas. We should have focused discussion and open stack,including suggesting ideas for the expansion of Occupy Chicago.
    • Clarification: that is not excludedby the proposal.
    • Secretariat supports this idea.


  • ROCKUPY: Will

Will: I work with a marketing companythat works to promote hip hop groups. We’ve been approached by well-knowngroups to put together an evening of music to support Occupy Chicago. The datewill be December 18, the venue has been agreed upon and will be the Metro.

Occupy will cover upfront venue costs—$2,500—but will get that back, likely much more than that. The organizers of this event will handle publicity.


  • Stack:
    • Could you clarify if the money upfront is for the venue or if they’re giving that for free?            
    • Response:the venue is not free, but so far, all the 9 or so bands we’ve spoken to are sofar being offered free of charge. If we get sponsor money or as we selltickets, the money Occupy puts up will be reimbursed.
    • Will the lineup include a backline?Will the show go ahead whether or not we pay? Could we slow down to take moretime to coordinate? Get funds covered by artists and sponsors up front?
    • Response:The money up front will allow us to book the venue for the date right away. Butwe expect sponsors to offer money very soon. But waiting for sponsors to getstarted could slow us down or block us. I would contact the venue to ask aboutbacklines, but presumably they will be able to offer everything the performersneed.
    • Adi Makhtar: I just did a show in LA that cost 40,000 notincluding marketing and other costs. My band is already confirmed to travelhere from California and perform for free. This by contrast is not much money.
    • Mark: I would like to speak strongly against this. We shoulddo this for free if we’re going to do it at all. If you’re so convinced we’llget our costs covered, why don’t you put up the money? Will sponsorship reallybe good for us? Will we be marked sponsored by Monsanto? How will we ensurewe’re ok with the performers and MC? What if they perform homophobic or sexistmaterial? We need veto power.
    •             Response:this isn’t just some lone person’s project, it’s being proposed by the wholeArts and Rec committee. Sponsorship does not mean corporate sponsorship. Itcould be small local businesses.
    • We should get everything settled, including lineup ofspeakers before we vote. But I’m fine with the costs, which are worth it forthe Metro. The Arts and Rec committee should work with donations committee tocheck the budget.
    • If we’re depending on the success of the show to make ourmoney back, what are we planning for marketing?
    • In terms of vetting the bands, I trust arts and rec, and GAcouldn’t do that in a fast enough or efficient way. We have to empower ourcommittees to take initiative and follow through on things.
    • Kieran: I agree. As we move toward giving committees moreautonomy, this is in the same spirit. But can’t the Metro work out a contractto allow us to pay them out of the door fee rather than paying up front? At themoment, Donations does not have that kind of money free.
    •             Response:this is atypical, but they’ll ask the venue if this is possible.Max:  I don’tsee a need to rush this, and this feels rushed. If we can’t really put up thismoney, we can’t vote to do this yet. Also, there’s no reason this needs tohappen next month. We could come back to this later on. We should also makesure to invite mr. Fiasco to be a part of this since he’s been supportive of usalready. But I don’t like the way this has been proposed.
    • Pat: This isn’t rushed. It’s been posted and discussedalready. I’ve worked on similar events. You don’t normally get to book a venuewithout paying up front. In terms of the idea of postponing, ok we can do thisagain in the future, but we should also do it now. Let’s seize on our momentumright now. That can always fade, but this can help us keep up our energy now.Reponse: As for the marketing plan, we have lots of veryexperienced people working on this. We’ll pass out 50,000 flyers at lots ofentertainment events and at Occupy. We’ll have an aggressive social mediacampaign. We’ll also use email and text blitzes and lots of other stuff.
    •             Asto why you should pay up front, that’s how you get to have the final say abouthow this comes together. We want your input!
    • This fundraiser shouldn’t be for us but for people effectedby the crisis.

Motion to extend and seconnded



Labor March: Vote Passed

For 58

Against 0

Abstention 1


Trademark: Withdrawn, pro bono attorneys will help get us specifics


Secretariat alternate GA structure (committee reports, 1presentation, open topical discussion by community groups): Vote Passed

For 58

Against 0

Abstention 1


Rockupy: Vote Failed

  • Friendly amendment, because wecannot allocate money, we will instead endorse and help plan it, but fundingwill be voted on separately.
  • Question: If no money is involved,do we need to even vote on this since committees are autonomous?
  • Monetary decisions will be broughtfor a separate vote.
  • Secretariat: arts and rec canwithdraw, we can table, or we can vote on the proposal.
  • Temp check on voting or tabling was inconclusive.

Motion to Table: FAILED

29 opposed to tabling

31 for tabling

We are voting on the new revised language: “We are voting for the GA to endorses arts and rec’s rockupyChicago event on December 18th.”

For  38

Against 12

Abstention around 10 (no count taken, based on prior counts)


Motion to extend passed



  • Justin: (ed. Wearing full make-up)I’m announced Occupy Juggalos, find us on facebook and get involved.
  • Ariel, on the phone with Josh atOWS: He says hello family, he loves us. They presented Occupy Chicago Spring toWall Street and to great approval. Several OWS members are promising to fly toChicago and join us. They offered several media sources.
  • The next security meeting is onWednesday (11/16) after GA.
  • Joe from Occupy Chicago Tribune andVisual Media Committee. If you are a video person and want to help record orpromote Thursday’s actions, talk to me. The Occupy Chicago Tribune is lookingfor printers who can help us print a four page broadsheet, at a discount or forfree if possible. Contact oc_visualmedia@gmail.comor to volunteerwith media and occupiedchicagotribune@gmail.comto discuss the newspaper.
  • Victoria: I’m volunteering forMidwest Workers Association, located at 5152 South Halsted, the cross street is52nd. All volunteer based org organizing working poor on the southside. They need volunteers for an upcoming event on November 22 to distributefood to their members. If you want to volunteer, go to their office at 8:30amon November 22.
  • Mark: The donations box was stolenand a donated laptop was stolen. Donations committee should account for thetheft and we should elect a treasurer to be responsible for donations, to givereceipts to donors and transparent documentations.
  • 99: if you need an arm band, 99 hasthem, DA is doing recon for Thursday’s actions tomorrow: talk to 99 or Kyle.
  • Follow @IC_CHI on twitter, go tothe IC committee page, forums, and dropbox.
  • Accountability and transparency:Security tried to pass responsibility of the investigation of disappearance ofthe cash box onto donations.
  • Ashley (and another person, Stenodid not record their name) are starting a group to encourage female leadershipand deal with women’s safety (ie harassment).
  • Keith Smith: I’m cold butcommitted. I’m here to get money out of politics. Across from our HQ is CharlesEvans, the head of the fed. Keith will be chanting “Arrest Charles Evans, sendhim to jail, because of his incompetence, the bailout failed.”
  • Announcement: If you have concernsabout a committee’s action, don’t just yell at the committee. Join thecommittee and help them change things!!!!!!!!!!

Meeting adjourned.



Monday, November 14, 2011 - 4:30pm