Day 50 -7pm General Assembly Minutes

Date/Time:  11/11/11, approximately 7:20
Location:  Congress & Michigan
Attendance Count:  Not taken
Moderator:  Taylor, Stack: Nevian, Timekeeper:  Edgar, Notetaker: Jackie and Lucas

Reviewed format.  We are a non violent movement etc.

Votes taken (See Proposals Voted for details)


  • Oppose proposed cuts and privatization to mental health clinics in Chicago
  • Chicago Spring, both parts
  • Peoples parade

Committee Announcements:

  • Internal coordination- Mike rom internal coordination: On Monday at the ga he will be here to hand out giant packets of the framework for committee members to account for inventory and budgets.  Includes how to request funds etc. Talk to him if you have questions or comments.  They meet Sundays at 6pm Starbucks and Wednesday 10th floor of Roosevelt 6pm meetings.
  • Housing - Zoey:  We are working on it and it's going well. Meeting Friday, Sunday, and Wednesday after GA .
  • Secretariat-Lucas: Creating an internal calendar to always have a note taker etc. Next meeting is Sunday at four at Corner Bakery at Jackson and Michigan. Requests that announcements be sent to secretariat or posted on the forums to assist taking minutes.
  • Outreach-Trina: Needs help printing and putting up flyers including for the events on November 17th.  Saturday 4-7 pm Nov 12th, will have an event including music at Grant park.  See Louder Than A Bomb: The Chicago Youth Poetry Festival at Congress & Michigan at  Finally, Outreach and Arts and Rec are making giant puppets to be used for the event on Monday at University of Chicago.  These will be made Saturday and Sunday, so please contact Trina or one of these comittees to help.

  • Social Media-Evelyn: Needs more people to help.  Email to learn how you can help.  Also for Press and Social Media if you have an upcoming event, contact them asap with specific directions and details for Facebook and Twitter.
  • Direct Action-Evelyn:  There will be a march Saturday Nov 12th in solidarity with our brothers and sisters in Egypt meeting at 11:30 and marching to 500 N Michigan.  On Monday the 14th, we will be protesting Hank Paulson and Condoleeza Rice at the University of Chicago and the General Assembly will be held there. Nov. 17 will be a huge day of action  Stand Up Chicago and others will be at the bridge at Lasalle and Jackon 3:30 pm. 

  • Occupy New Jersey-two of their members:  They have multiple sites across the state and wanted to stop by and express their solidarity.

  • Spiritual Affairs-Lucky:  Buddhist meditation group this Tues, 4:30 at hq .  Sun 2:30 board of trade plaza there will be a Eucharist celebration.  Sat. 2:00 pot luck for birth of  Bahá'u'lláh .  There will also be a 12 step meeting, contact Lucky for more details.  Also see for details on the above.

  • Student Outreach-Max:  Nov. 13th 6pm UIC student center there will be a meeting of a new group Coalition Against Corporate Higher Education .

  • Education -John: Many up coming teachins.  Details are available on Events Calendar on

  • Civil Liberties Defense:  If you were arrested at one of the attemtps to take the Horse, contact them and get on the google group.  Meeting 4pm on Sunday Nov 13 at Chicago teachers union.
  • ? - Ninety Nine:  Talk to 99 to learn about how to reclaim open, abandoned, foreclosed etc spaces.  There are different three organizations doing this and they will teach us.
  • Peace and Safety -Bunny.  Talk to her to join.  Meting Saturday Nov 12 at 3 at hq.  They could use anyone with medical training would be great.  Nurse John will run medical training after peace meeting.  Training will be in shifts so you can attend the Grant Park event.

  • Community organization outreach - Kelvin:  Met with ten different comminty groups and discussed how they can train us, setting up community GA's.  Will be held regularly and modeled after the labor meetings.  3-5 at Grace Place.  Contact Kelvin for more details.

    • Emergency interruption-diabetic needed something sugary.  A donute was found and provided.

  • Organization Committee- Taylor: They have received all the stuff that was taken during arrests although the tents were destroyed.  Talk to them to get your stuff.  Also Grace Place has written up the formal rules for Occupy Chicago's behaviour while there.  See the committee members for details.

Proposals presented for later voting:

  • Rockupy: Will from event collective marketing has been contacted by many that want to do a show at metro for and our behalf.  Wants to know if we will support by flyering, covering the upfront costs which would be reimbursed later and coming to the show.  Wants to hear our ideas and have a vote on it tomorrow, Saturday Nov 12th (depending on how soon it can get posted on forum).
  • GA format: Kelvin suggests a time in the GA to discuss important issues and to call for assistance where needed.  Will write up a formal proposal and post.

Proposals voted on:

  • Opposition to closing of community mental health clinics [see forum post here]
    [Stenographers note, this was presented at the GA on the previous night but can't find the proposal on the forum so specific text not available as of posting time.] (The essential point is that Mayor
    We propose that Occupy Chicago join with the Mental Health Movement and endorse as well as promote our People's Budget Assembly on Tuesday November 15th at 12noon at the Chicago Temple at 77 W. Washington, where we will meet to take our final stand the day before City Council votes on a budget that could shutter half our mental health clinics and privatize all of our neighborhood health centers.
    • Stack:
      • Complete support. Stand against mayor 1 percent.  We don't have enough now clinics as it is.  Mayor says he supports vets but clearly doesn't since they need these services.
      • Excited to work with other groups to fight for economic and social justice.
      • Family member goes to a clinic.  Would be disaster for thousands of families.
      • Support.  Oak Forest tried to close a metnal health and drug abuse.  The community response was amazing to see.
      • Support.  Cta budget meeting forced a directors emergency erring today.  We can force media attention.

Passed unanimously.

  • Chicago Spring-Evelyn:  Reviewed that this is a combined proposal now and it has been revised at length to address input from many.  [See forum for text]
    • Stack:
      • Strong support.  We are built on solidarity not scapegoating like the tea party.  This lets us offer support to all members of the movement.  Chicago is majority minority and OC is too white.  We need to be out there listening to the communities and their needs.  This helps immensely.
      • Chris supports.  Both parts help connect dots of the city.  Admin of city has been dividing us for decades.  Builds bigger movement, builds up the smaller grassroots groups in our communities.
      • Joe from Coalition Against Nato and the G8. Big support.  OC and OWS have made resistance visible.  Problems were all well known but not addressed.  This plan maintains visibility.  Times well with G8- poor sleep for mayor.  Their permit has been denied for May 15 and 19 with no reason given.
      • Been active for 40 years.  Very impressed by this movement. Cta budget meeting last night was most exciting meeting he's ever been too.  Seeing us supporting working class's and them standing up and the leadership and potential in the black community. No support for capitalist system.  Supports most of proposal.  Disagrees with 1 percent language. It's the system not the individuals as they will be replaced.  he individuals would be replaced.  So won't support.
      • Supports wholeheartedly.  Rally at chase fed plaza idea.  Planning now demonstrate we aren't leaving. Doesn't  want to go up against g8 as there is small chance of success.  Doesn't like the committment of daily actions as it may not be possible so it is a somewhat fluffy statement.
      • Supports fully.
      • Implementation of non stop actions needs clarification.
      • Full support.  First part allows creativity, broadening etc.  Working people are attacked daily and we need to respond daily.  Rahm uses the media to create a different attack on different groups every day and we need to keep up with him and counter.   Build to huge actions in spring.
      • 2 hours ago Cairo set him message.  Tens of thousands back in Tahrir Square.  They greet OC.  Tomorrow  we are going to the consulate and this will activeley involve the Arab American community.  If a we had a flyer for them in arabic it would have helped.  This  would have helped us prepare better.  Relates the arabic word for freedom hurriyya (stenographer note, i belive that was the word)
      • Start with two actions a week, to keep everything going. 
      • Point of clarification on what constintues an action.  Occupies around country are about everyone.  We are inspiring action around the world.  Forces committees and individuals to committ and get on calendar etc.  Flying in logan square would count.
    • Chicago spring vote Part one: Opposed: 5 In favor: 61 Passes Part two: Opposed: 1 In favor: 69  PASSES
  • Peoples parade- Jeremey:  Occupy Chicago will organize its own parade with hopeful slogans for the future as change begins with a vision for a better future.  Signs will be positive and include things like "Thankful for a better future"  "Thankful for money out of politics" etc.  We will collect the corporate handouts and redistribute them in needy communities.  There will also be teach ins on the repression of Native American communities and other repressed groups around the world.
    • Stack:
      • Suggest the critical aspects.  Genocidal histories etc.
      • Important to mention the native american people.
    • Vote passes unanimously55 in favor.

End of proposals

Stenographers note, GA was extended and modified slightly by vote.  Donations comittee was able to present in a more detailed form where they are at, requested next steps including a proposed vote of confidence for Saturday Nov 12th GA.  GA decided that they wanted to stack on the presentation and discuss.  General announcements were cut out.

Donations Presentation- Andrew:   Currently we are in state of limbo.  We pay can't accept anymore through our current as we have received too much and taxes start to apply.
Crossroads Fund will facilitate taking in donations on our part.  Everyone would still come to our page and follow link.  Might have some very large donations soon.  Government currently offers tax breaks for donations to non-profits and giving through crossroads will permit this.  Eight Day Center for Justice will be our fiscal sponsor for free.  Crossroads would be online,and give grants to Eighth day when it gets a certain amount, above $5,000.  To get our money out of our current system there will be a transfer fee of 4.5% but this can't be avoided.  The would like a vote from the GA  to permit them to go forward with getting the paperwork together etc.    We will also be reppred for free by the Law Project which is like the National Lawyers Guild organizations.  Everything so far and going forward will be vetted by our lawyers.  So we would 1) vote that it is acceptable to pursue, 2) get the paperwork 3) vote on the paperwork.  

  • Stack:
    • For transparency asks this all go on website along with all documentation etc. 
    • Excited sbout eighth day. Thanks the committee and we should let them do their job.
    • Will be great to have the transparency and accounting.  Clarify that it's just going to be to get the paperwork together.
    • Clarification-yes and assures our partners that we are acting with GA's consent and they should put in the time on this.
    • Please post info on these groups so everyone can investigate them.
    • Vote of confidence in these organizations. They have been great for years.  Believe in change and the ideas of others.  This is actually dangerous for them more than us.  Best allies we could have.  
    • Wants more specifics.  Some shady stuff has happened that isnt known to the ga yet.
    • Clarified that they wanted to present ASAP.  Understands the concerns and level of faith involved.  Getting paperwork doesn't mean we have to go forward.  Will have a final vote.  

[Final stenographer note: If you have the text or links to details on proposals, events etc.  please post them in comments below.]


Friday, November 11, 2011 - 5:00pm


Let's stop The Partisanship - Love One Another, Americans!


Taylor Garrett's star turn on Logo's reality series "A-List: Dallas" is turning out to offer more than the conservative, Christian, gay Republican had expected.
For the second time in the last six weeks, Garrett is alleging that he was attacked because of his affiliation with controversial conservative commentator Ann Coulter, with whom he dined for a scene on the cable series, reports the Daily Caller.
Garrett told the paper that he was attacked outside of a birthday party he was attending in Dallas when he confronted a vandal who was scratching "Fuck Coulter" into the door of his car.
"I was at a party and one of my friends arrived and I had a present for him, so I went back to my car to get the present," he told the Daily Caller. "When I walked out to my car, I saw someone squatting next to my car."
Garrett says that after he asked the man what he was doing, the vandal punched him in the left eye.
The paper notes that Garrett provided photos of the vandalism and of himself covered in blood.
“The Democrats want me to live on their plantation as their slave, because I’m a gay person,” he said. “And I refuse to do that.”
In October Garrett claimed that a rock with a threatening message also related to his conservative beliefs was thrown through his apartment window. Many blogs questioned the validity of his claims, especially since there was no police report filed.
Garrett, in an exclusive interview with The Huffington Post several days later, provided two police reports and discussed the incident as well as why he believes so many in the gay community dislike him.
"I think a lot of people in the community don't want me to have a part of it because a lot of them don't agree with my political position," Garrett said. "This goes to show you that the gay community advocates for diversity and is against bullying, but in our own community we discriminate based upon if you're a Democrat or a Republican or if you don't necessarily fit within the mold of the political views of the gay community."