Day 49 - 7pm General Assembly Minutes

Date/Time:  11/10/11, 7:15 pm start
 - 8:39 pm end     
Location:  Congress & Michigan

Attendance Count:  40ish
Moderator:  Bunny, Stack: ?, Timekeeper: ?, Note taker: Randy


  • Internal Coordination - James:
    • Alley Cats has recently posted flyers in Wicker Park. They're eventually planning on operatiing twice a week, but are currently only meeting once a week. Tomorrow is a big day, lots of events (11/11/11). Visual Media had a meeting last night. The Diversity Committee is impportant for bridging disparate groups of people, help welcome.
  • Secretariat - Lucas:
    • Sorry about the last night's GA. Apparently Secretariat didn't follow format, and some proposals got trampled.
  • Organizational - Taylor:
    • The stuff that the cops took when people were arrested (tents, blankets, bags, etc) is now at Grace Place, people need to come get their stuff. A cutoff date will be announced soon,  as we're running out of space.
  • Security - Raven:
    • The donation box has been stolen. We should have a security camera for the new box.
  • Direct Action/Housing - Mark:
    • There will be a Direct Action meeting after GA to discuss events on Nov. 14th and 17th. There will be a Housing Committee meeting after the GA on Friday, at the McDonalds at Adams and Wells. This meeting will focus on finding an indoor space for winter. An individual donor has offered to fund our rent for the winter months. If we were to find a new space, it may function as a new HQ, or at least as a usable space for committee meetings, tech work, and other practical needs.
  • Tech - Rueben:
    • Does anyone have a 4g phone for streaming? (Yes)
    • Thank you to Todd for bringing out the lights, camera, and PA system. (people cheer)
  • Security - Bunny:
    • Security helps everything run smoother, by helping people stick to the rules, until its time to break them. Security/Medical always can use help. If there's anyone with medical training, please help out.
  • Outreach :
    • There will be a meeting at 750 S. Halsted (missed the date) to discuss the upcoming Henry Paulson and Condaleeza Rice event. We need people to help with Campus Outreach.
  • Education - Muwindi:
    • There are four teach-ins scheduled for this week. There will be two tomorrow (one at 3pm regarding Veterans, and one at 430pm regarding a different topic), and two on Sunday (one at 3pm regarding the Situationists, and one at 430 regarding a different topic)
  • Arts & Recreation - Mark:
    • There will be a picnic on Saturday from 4pm to 7pm, featuring live music, such as: Kevin Cobal, Chris De La Rush, Louder Than a Bomb.
  • Social Media - Josh:
    • We need help with Twitter. There will be some people going to NYC. Does anyone have suggestions/ requests?


  • Direct Action:  Solidarity with Egypt - VOTE PASSED (0 opposed)
    • An email was received earlier today from someone in Cairo. It contains news concerning the ongoing revolution in Egypt. When Mubarak fell, a military regime took over, to "assist in the transition." This "assistance" has been played out in terrible ways, with over twelve thousand people having been tried in military courts often without representation. Minors have been tried as adults. Women have been sexually assaulted in "virginity tests." Outspoken critics of the military have been systematically targeted, and arrested. For a time the people had faith in the military, but now that trust has now been lost. The revolution once fought against Mubarak, now it fights against the military regime. People in Egypt have been watching the Occupy movement, as we have been watching them. They support us, and marched to the US embassy in Cairo to show their solidarity with Oakland. The weapons that are used against the people in Egypt are American Made. American arms trafficking must end. November 12th will be an international day for solidarity with Egypt.
    • The Direct Action committee propses that on Nov. 12th we march to the Egyptian consulate (500 N. Michigan) in a show of support with our Egyptian friends, and the continuation of their peaceful movement. The proposed march will begin at 1130am and run until 2pm.
      • Stack:
        • They marched for us. Let's march for them. They're dying.
        • Much inspiration has come from Egypt. People have seen the truth of the military regime. Things are changing, and they could use our support. When Mubarak was ousted, it was largely due to his loss of corporate backing. People went on strike, stopped buying. Everyone should research as much as they can about the Arab spring. Also, this march would help bring together Arab and Muslim supporters in Chicago.


  • Anonymous:
    • Theres a proposal on the forums about helping people move into foreclosed homes. Please check it out.
  • Rueben:
    • I've noticed a disturbing trend. People want to abandon the Jackson and LaSalle location. The CTA rally didn't start at Jackson and LaSalle. It should have. Some people are posting to twitter, and aren't on the ground. We need to talk more about this.
  • James:
    • We should move HQ to somewhere that has more foot traffic. The 99% doesn't hang out at the Fed.  We need a more visible location, perhaps State and Michigan, or another big shopping area. Our main goal should be to engage and grow, but this isn't happening at our current HQ.
    • College Outreach ought to be working with city colleges, as well as universities.
    • We should encourage online donations over cash donations, as they're safer.
      • Point of Clarification regarding donations: the problems with cash donations have been fixed. They are now more secure and more transparent.
    • There is an event tomorrow. Check out this website for more info- (
    • Occupy Berkeley is calling for a national student walkout on Tuesday, November 15th.
  • Paul:
    • I just got back from NYC. While there, I went to a workshop on non-violent communication. We should discuss this, and think about not just what we say, but also how we say it. We should consider form as much as we consider content.
    • Things are very different at Liberty Square. Because they have the ability for constant contact, their GA's have become a lot more relaxed than ours.
    • Global Revolution is a new livestream. Check it out.
    • I do investigative journalism on twitter. @occupythisheart
    • Maybe we should do an "Occupy Grant Park" soon?
    • We should have a live tweet for GA's, like they do in NYC
    • We should remember to think tactically and rationally, not letting emotions affect our decision-making.
    • A new group called the "Spokes Council" has been started in NYC. We should think about doing something similar
    • We should have a Craigslist style page.
    • A lot of the things that we've focused on are things that people thought Obama was going to do, but then didn't. If he wins again, it won't necessarily be good for us, and if he loses, and a Republican wins, there may be crackdowns which will bring attention to our cause and increase our chances of success.
  • Sugar:
    • There's a physical manifestation of Occupy Chicago, and an online manifestation. We started at the Fed, but got moved, and moved again. Now all of our interviews are in front of Ann Taylor.
    • We haven't been tough enough.
    • We don't need to be worrying about staying overnight. We don't have enough people, it's dangerous, etc. We should shut down from midnight to 6 am.
  • Taylor:
    • I disagree, because I think that HQ should be shut down for the winter.
    • There's a great movie called "Thrive" that everyone should watch.
    • We should reach out to High Schools, suburbs, and small towns more.
    • Modern Warfare 3 just came out. Will someone invite me over to play... and talk about the issues?
  • Anonymous:
    • Everyone should look into the history of Norway in World War 2. They forced the Nazis to have increasingly ridiculous laws. We should adopt some of their tactics.
  • Author of yesterday's counter-proposal:
    • I like the re-write.
    • Sorry I didn't coordinate better.
    • We should have "topical discussions" where everyone talks about one subject for a while. It would enable more effective proposal-crafting.
  • Peter:
    • Hi. I'm new.
    • I'm a supporter of Ron Paul.
    • People shouldn't call other people names. I've been called names online by some of you.
    • Some people in Occupy Des Moines are jerks.
  • Anonymous (representing Communities United):
    • People have started moving into foreclosed homes. There will be a talk on Dec. 6th about how we can help those people.


Meeting adjourned.


Thursday, November 10, 2011 - 7:15pm


"There will be a meeting at

"There will be a meeting at 750 S. Halsted (missed the date) to discuss the upcoming Henry Paulson and Condaleeza Rice event. We need people to help with Campus Outreach."

Well, that was some information that should have been recovered. As far as everyone being at the fed. I have mixed feelings about it. On the one hand, it is pretty much pointless to be there 24/7. If people in the financial district are not working or are not going to/from work, there is basically no one around the area worth staying around for. We don't have an established camp there anymore either.