Day 48 - 7pm General Assembly Minutes

Date/Time:  11/9/11, 7:30pm start
Location:  Congress & Michigan

Attendance Count:  100
Moderator:  David, Stack: Leslie, Timekeeper: James, Note taker: Brit


  • Visual Media- James: having phone conference after GA
  • Community Organization Working Group- Kelvin: Friday 3-5pm at Grace Place (637 S Dearborn) 1st weekly meeting of community organizations;
  • Labor Outreach- is helping to coordinate tomorrow’s action at 530pm for the CTA mobilization at Kennedy King College
  • Internal Coordination- David: Meetings are Sundays & Wednesdays 6pm; this Sunday meeting at Jackson & Wabash.
  • Arts & Recreation- Trina: OCArtsandRec twitter, need help organizing Xmas Carol play, as well as street theatre. Email for more details. Remember Saturday from 430-7pm “picnic” Louder than Bomb! Performances by Kevin Coval, FM Supreme and more!
  • Social Media- Phillip: 4 representatives from Press Committee and Social Media will be visiting Occupy Wall Street! Email for suggestions/questions.
  • Housing- Zoie: Working on it, meeting tonight following GA
  • Outreach- Babur: Process of creating outreach high schools, if you have connections email
  • Campus Outreach- Max: Friday at Loyola Univ. a general meeting will be held at 4pm in the student union; Sunday a meeting will be held in the peer room at UIC for CACHE.
  • Donations- Abel: $18,000 has been raised, none has been spent, proposals in the work for budgets.
  • Spiritual Affairs-Lucki: Every Tuesday 4:30pm at HQ meditation group; 12 step Meeting Group is being coordinated- email at; this Saturday at 2pm in the Board of Trade Plaza a devotional gathering and potluck will be held.
  • Direct Action- Danielle: Thursday action for CTA is at 5:30pm, at Kennedy King College 63rd Halstead; 11/11/11 an Iraq Veterans Against the War action at 11am at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial will be held.
    Larissa:  We voted to move GA on Monday to Univ. of Chicago in order to protest the Condoleezza Rice & Henry Paulson talk- meet at the Midway at 6pm Nov 14th event being held across street at international house 1414 E 59th St
  • Security/Safety/PeaceKeeping/Medic-“12”: Interested in joining? Email
  • Conflict Resolution- Lynette: Want to join? Email
  • Civil Liberties Defense – Kristy: We are building a media campaign demanding all charges be dropped against our arrestees! Visit us at
  • Education- Crystal: Check website for the upcoming teach-ins at
  • Occupy El Barrio- Crystal: Next Meeting on Tuesday at 18th& Blue Island Ave. at 6pm
  • Occupy the South Side- Marissa: 1st action was tonight Occupy the Redline! From 95th- Jackson and marched to the GA; Next action CTA Budget hearings 63rd &Halstead Nov 10th at 6pm; another action Saturday Nov 19th at Chicago Public Library at 3647 S State St
  • Tech- Reuben: low numbers overnight, website availability apparatus will be created.
  • Press- David: Want to join? Press needs help writing press releases, and finding diverse spokespeople, email for details or to volunteer.


    Max presenting in place of Patrick: [view more info here and proposal here]
    Fair Elections Now Act represents the best opportunity we have short of a Constitutional Amendment or a radical overhaul of our system to address the corrupting, democracy-destroying influence of money on our government. It is proposed that Occupy Chicago issues a statement of conditional support of this Act. (reading of Fair Elections Now Act)
    This Act offers up money from taxing military contractors. If a person running for the House only accepts small donations under $100, they will have access to this tax money for funding. The details can be found under Potential Proposals on the forums. I propose we support the Act under these conditions:
    1) We support this bill but do not believe it comes close to addressing fundamental problem of money in politics. This is the first step in a long journey.
    2) Right now in order to qualify for this money, you have to get a minimum number of signatures and raise a minimum amount of money. We say if you have enough public support, you should get the public money. This makes it more useful for 3rd party candidates.
    • Stack:
      • Concerns with rushing into this support/refutation- take time to read the entire Act.
      • Objections to language within the act, so are we voting on language too?
      • Reformist agenda? I thought this was a Revolutionary movement?
      • Read the House and Senate versions of this bill!
    • Motion to table.


  • Operation Building Winter and Chicago Spring - VOTE BLOCKED (70 in favor, 17 opposed)
    Evelyn & Josh:  [waiting on formal text read during GA, please view forum for more details]
    • Stack:
      • Language approval? Direction approval? What are we agreeing to?
      • Vote won't matter because no accountability really within the GA.
      • Counter-proposer: wants to generate discussion, doesn’t consider the proposal friendly. Reading of the counter proposal. Extended to allow more time to read material within counter-proposal.
      • Difficulty reaching out to the neighborhoods, but proposal gives time to act.
      • Second part of proposal really important- picking a date of global action.
      • There aren’t that many differences with the two proposals.
      • We must maintain the attack on what Rahm is doing to us all. Support the newly offered proposal.
      • There was a significant change in emphasis with the new language that wasn’t posted online. Thought our objective wasn’t to help the 99%, but rather to help them, help themselves. Should focus over winter on the attacks that will be coming down the pipeline to all workers.
      • Concerns with the first part of the proposal- don’t like the insinuation of “coming back.” Should focus on the time between now and the spring. We need to keep organized; it takes more than time to rally thousands.
      • Our spring event should be an international event for the Occupy Movement.
      • Point of Clarification - Evelyn: Bullet points are being drafted- and that’s what we will be voting on.
        [Waiting on final language of the bullet points created as a friendly amendment, will update when received by authors]
      • This proposal is entirely rhetorical, therefore impractical for application. This is a complex discussion already ongoing within committees- why is this from Social Media and not from Direct Action? This proposal offers no solutions, just flowery language.
    • Motion to Extend to finish stack line- seconded.
      • Novemeber 17th should be our next big focus! Why aren’t we concentrating on that? This isn’t about being moral or noble, this is about building a sustainable social movement. Support the counter proposal.
      • Teacher spoke about the focus being on maintaining struggle, not just focusing on community service.
      • Why are we making a moral argument for commitment? And why are we taking a vote on things we already do successfully?
      • We do need to affirm already existing actions by vote.
    • Motion to Table- 60 against tabling, 24 for tabling
    • Temp Check to remove 15 minute intermission- passed, intermission removed.
    • Vote on proposal: 70 in favor, 17 opposed - PROPOSAL BLOCKED

***All other presenters and agenda items conceded their time to the moderator due to the length of the GA, and the dropping temperatures.***


Thursday, November 10, 2011 - 5:00pm



One suggestion for Arts committee would be to make up some buttons to sell on the website. In my experience, buttons sell really really well and are a terrific fundraising device. Just don't sell them on the street as that would be an ordinance violation. But you still can have your folks wear them to generate interest and refer interested customers to the website.


How well do you think they'll sell?  Any thoughts on what we could do with that funding?

More on Buttons

Buttons are great and I'd like to see them on at least 99% of the population. Why not donate whatever monies are raised directly to Grace Place (Church). That way we have folks wearing buttons, which we need, and Grace Place has additional funding for their community efforts. Then at least on this one we do not have to be concerned over "the money thing" and more people will be wearing the buttons. Where is my button?  :)

Thanks again to everyone for all the work getting the minutes and current events up on the site. Will make it so much more effective when directing folks here for information. Looks good!