Day 43 - 7pm General Assembly Minutes

Notes from 11/3/11 (Day 42) are no where to be found... if you were the note taker that night, please email them to with the subject: 11/3 GA Notes.  Thanks!

Date/Time:  11/4/11, 7pm
Location:  Congress & Michigan
Attendance Count:  not taken


  • Safety & Peacekeepers -  We are a peaceful movement.  If someone is not peaceful, we are a community and can shame them.  This movement is bigger than all of us, so we have to put the Movement before ourselves and not cause trouble.
    If you have if you have medical training and want to be a medic for the movement get in touch with Jackie here through the website
  • Outreach/Arts & Rec - Family day tomorrow, 2-5pm "Keep Your Children Occupied"
  • Neighborhood, Outreach - tomorrow at 4pm, Occupy the Red Line leaves Glenwood Bar for HQ.
  • Housing - See Peter [or email] if you are interested in joining
  • Spiritual Committee - Shabab was successful
  • Outreach - See Andrew to volunteer with Outreach, or visit email
  • Alley Cats, Outreach - Occupy Chi’s bike gang, will be meeting twice weekly.
  • Visual Media -  We need volunteers who are willing to donate their time. [email]
  • Diversity - We need ideas for how to create diversity
  • Civil Liberties -  Works to overturn the arrests. We have 328 arrestees, the National Lawyers Guild will be having an info session tomorrow at 1pm at the Loyola’s Law School , 25 East Pearson for arrestees only. If you’re not an arrestee but you want to help, especially with creating a media campaign to gain awareness for the arrestees, meet at Civil Liberties at 4 PM CTU executive board room.
  • Press -  Tomorrow is Bank Transfer Day, and people are moving their money into local credit unions.  Credit unions are a different way of voting with your dollar. You can decentralize the power by taking your money out of the big banks. Vote with your dollar.
  • Donations -  None of the donation money has been spent.  $17,000.00 total.  We will present finalized proposal on what to do at GA next Thursday.  We will be meeting with the National Lawyers Guild to discuss such issues.
  • Arts & Rec - get in touch for armbands


  • Well Oiled Machine [view full proposal in the forum]  -  PASSED
    Resolve recurring problems via forum representatives: Ideas are getting lost in a sea of confusion.
    Committee boards/ Breakout Groups:  there’s a confusion about who  is in charge. A committee board.  A board has sign up sheet with names, has a set place and must be in a highly visible place.
    Communication:  We need to increase communication between committee members.
    General Assembly:  We must not cut lines in stack, unless it’s an emergency announcements. Human mic should be eliminated because it’s not time efficient. Repeats are points made in stack must not be tolerated. Direct response must be given.
    • Friendly Amendments included with the vote:
      • limit human mic when possible, use new PA system to save time
      • Breakout groups:  one 15 minute breakout group at beginning of GA
    • Stack:
      • Decided to vote on proposal as a whole versus line-by-line
      • It won’t hurt to vote on some of these things if they are already done.
      • Creating a Head of Donations to eliminate confusion and keep list of needs updated
      • Do less, keep the movement short, simple and sweet.
      • Stop voting so much and focusing on organization so much.
      • Let’s leave HQ earlier to get to GA on time.
      • If we’re going to have the signs, the secretariat should have one and be by it at HQ before the march.
      • Should compile the list of what has been voted on, and will post it


  • Direct Action, Flying Squads - PASSED
    The Direct Action Committee intends to use a "flying squad" tactic of having small groups of people going to different targets to protest simultaneously.  However, while it is impractical to ask the GA to approve every action that these flying squads will engage in, some form of accountability is important.  As such the Direct Action Committee would like to submit a menu of tactics and a separate menu of targets for GA approval, allowing the flying squads to choose pre-approved tactics to use against pre-approved targets in their actions. Incomplete menus will be posted to the forums, and more items will be submitted for GA approval to be added in the future.
    • Further explanation:
      • Flying squad will put up flyers and speak to people. Starting tomorrow we can create new autonomous actions for people to go out and inform people.
      • Website will have instructions with a script, but we can’t monitor people. This will hopefully increase memberships.
      • These informative groups will have flash mobs and street performance.
      • Occupy Oakland doesn’t have as many formal actions as Chicago, but is successful because it encourages comprehensive autonomous actions. The proposal is intended to encourage autonomous actions.
      • First, Direct Action Committee will create the list of targets voted upon, then we will start establishing flying squads.
    • Stack:
      • Even though we cannot monitor such action, let’s make it a small groups that go there and create accountability by creating pre-approved tactics and targets.
      • If we have instructions to stay peaceful on the website, an unruly group  would not really appear affiliated with Occupy Chi.
      • Bank of America has lost 100,000 customers and move your money has not even happened.


  • Calls for committee attentions, just to make committees come to you if you have an idea.
  • We need to update housing and donations every meeting.


  • Overnight needs:  Steve can’t continue to be in charge of the food and donations at night for health reasons, so he needs someone to replace him. Next time you buy groceries, buy something for Occupy Chi. Need more people to stay overnight and need more men for protection. Give your current inventory to Michael from LIVEWIRE.
  • We have committee minutes at the beginning of every GA.
  • Oakland has 15000 people gathered, and cops have slowed down.
  • Occupy Oakland suggests that we demand back the foreclosed properties; the banks are claiming those as losses, so they should give those properties back.
  • Help the out-of-towners from TX etc. find parking in Chicago.
  • Henry Paulsen is from Chicago, former CEO of Goldman Sachs.  Worth $700 million.  Masterminded bank bailouts.  Fellow at university and getting more money from disenfranchised students.  He gave the largest chunk of the bailout to Goldman Sachs.  He tried to make the secretary of the Treasury above legal review. Condoleeza Rice & Henry Paulsen will be having a discussion that we must  occupy at 7pm on November 14.  Direct Action Committee will be there.
  • Tomorrow is Guy Fawkes day in UK.  Wear your mask tomorrow
  • Chairman of Madison, NLG will get more involved to inform people of Civil Liberties and Citizens United.
  • We as a group have to think seriously about occupying during the winter, and we should stay active during the winter.  The fact that it shows perseverance actually helps us gain even more support.
  • Direct Action:  Support Monday 10 AM.


Friday, November 4, 2011 - 5:00pm