Day 41 - 7pm General Assembly Minutes

Please note, Secretariat has a collection of minutes that have not made it to the website for the last week. We are working to get them added ASAP. Sorry for any confusion, please pay attention to the date when reviewing. We should get caught up in the next day or two, and get on a schedule of posting the minutes daily. Thank you for your understanding.

Date/Time:  11/2/11, 7pm
Location:  Congress & Michigan
Attendance Count:  not taken
Moderator:  Edgar


  • Outreach/Arts & Recreation - On Saturday, Nov. 5th “Keep your children occupied” organized by OC and the international bedlam society, to educate families about how these issues affect children and families and how they can get involved
  • Conflict Resolution – Develop resources so that we can address conflict
  • External Collaboration – Went to DC this past weekend, and will go back this weekend to protest the pipeline going through our country. Next Wednesday Jon will be at UN in NYC and would like to send a message from OC
  • DA/ Community Organizing - Next meeting will be Thursday after GA (9pm). On Nov 17 we are preparing for a DA. Represent your neighborhood and get in contact with local organizations.
  • Education - Teach-ins happen everyday from 3-6pm at HQ [Jackson & LaSalle]. Check website for updates.
  • Students, Outreach – thank you to student walkout this afternoon. Depaul is having a meeting tomorrow against student debt
  • Housing – run down of housing
  • Organization - Need food for overnight occupiers
  • Civil Liberties Defense - Join listserv if arrested as part of OC. Working to get charges dropped. 1st meeting is informational presented by the NLG [National Lawyers Guild] at 1pm on Sunday [11/6/11] at Loyola law school. 2nd meeting will follow at 4pm, CTU board office at merchandise mart.
  • Safety & Peace Keeping – Run down and open invite to join safety & PK
  • Direct Action – Tomorrow there will be a meeting. Saturday [11/5/11] will be Unite or Die Now.
  • Video, Photo & Visual Media – email at if interested in joining or have visual media to share
  • Alley Cats, Outreach - will gather on Friday [11/4/11] following GA
  • Diversity - discussed goals
  • Tech – email for access to the new site. Online voting received mixed review.
  • Secretariat - organizing a Moderator training session
  • Student, Outreach - growing and will have a class next semester for Soc and Econ “Special Topics: Occupy Everywhere”. Meeting tomorrow at Depaul.


  • President of Local 1110 supports OC, and will occupy Nov. 8th at 18th & Blue Island at 5:30pm.
  • People past the fence in Oakland are encroaching on fed property.
  • The ex-CEO of Goldman Sachs will be at the University of Chicago at 7pm on Nov 14th
  • Occupy the Hood is meeting at 12pm on Sat. [11/5/11] at Harold Washington Library
  • Emergency annc. from OWS – protesters are demanding that George W. come out for a citizens arrest
  • Glenwood Neighborhood rally on Sat. [11/5/11] rallying for an hour then occupying the Red Line to join everyone at HQ
  • Sat. Nov. 5th Bank Transfer Day
  • Scott walker is coming to Chi. tomorrow at 7am, he will be at the Union League Club of Chicago
  • Sat. Nov. 5th - "Keep Your Children Occupied" at Grant park at 2pm
  • Mon. Nov. 7th at 10am - 100 senior citizens will be protesting cuts of social security, medicare, and medicaid at the Fed Plaza
  • Our donations back got jacked
  • Newswire Annc. - Occupy Seattle - 5 people tried to close their accounts at Chase and they were arrested, police pepper sprayed protesters. Occupy Oakland shut down Hawthorne bridge...more police. Goldman Sachs said to avoid Plaza and cursing in emails. Says to visit updates from them.
    • We are learning from other movements. Cops are not your friend.
    • Occupy Oakland is considering staying overnight


  • Direct Action (Larissa):  FLYING SQUADS
    There are ways for the movement to mobilize against corporate interests and the local government in Chi. by introducing flying squads. They are tactical patrols of 10-20 activists who roam the city engaging in small actions to disrupt business of predetermined targets. They will be non-arrestable unless agreed upon. It will have no GA approval. Press are allowed to speak on behalf of OC within reason in interviews. Flying squads will have framework for approved actions/a menu that flying squads can choose from along with targets.
  • Education (Kieran) – amendment put together for inter-collegiate general assembly meeting at SAC 161 at Depaul in Lincoln Park.


Wednesday, November 2, 2011 - 5:00pm