Peace Circle as a discussion tool

Last night about 10-15 of us sat in a circle to discuss adbusters' recent call to action for May 1st and what that means for Occupy Chicago.   We used the peace circle method, which is simply to pass around a talking piece (in this case, my scarf) and whoever is holding it gets to talk, and everyone else gets to listen.   We went around, or occasionally accross (throwing my poor balled up scarf) the circle until everyone had a chance to express their opnion.   

No definite conclusions were drawn, no plans were made, but everyone felt they had been heard and respected.  I put my scarf on and some of us went out to eat in Chinatown and had a great time.   I hope we can use the circle method many more times, what with all the upcoming much needed discussions.  And I am going to look for someting else to use for a talking piece.



Conflict Resolution


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