Peace Circles for Mediation

Attached is a draft showing how we may run Peace Circles, a vehicle for mediation & communication.   Please note: this is NOT the same as a peace coucil to determine whether someone might be removed from Occupy Chicago.  

We want people to have an idea of how we are thinking when it comes to helping people communicate, clear the air, and resolve conflicts. We hope that moving on to ask a member to be removed by the GA wil be a last resort. 

Please, everyone, remember it is OK to have differences of opinion and to be angry; however to create a culture of non violence it is going to take some work.  That work includes looking at your own behavior and hopefully being able to understand your own feelings, and those of others.  We are here to help with that and  plan to have trainings in mediation soon -- so that someday, everyone can run their own peace circles!





Conflict Resolution



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