Conflict Resolution


Mission statement

Our purpose is to support the members and the community of Occupy Chicago, and to facilitate tolerance and understanding.


Vision Statement

We envision a culture of cooperation and respect where we are accountable to each other and to our higher selves.  While we know that it is not possible for people to always agree, or that conflicts can always be resolved to everyone’s satisfaction, we would like to ensure that everyone have a chance to be heard and their viewpoints honored.  We are here to be a support and a resource for those in conflict or in need of help or a voice. We hope to foster the inevitable truth that people need each other and that this is not weakness but strength.


Please see our blog for more information about Conflct Resolution, and our proposal in the Proposal thread.   Comments welcome!




NOTE: Committees are currently open access. That means anyone may specify that they are a member of a committee. Hence, this list may not reflect the actual day-to-day participants in the activities of a given committee, but serves as a general list.