Internal Coordination





Internal Coordination will take a new shape and form going forward. As of now, our top priority will not be developing and maintaining communication infrastructure, although it will be an aspect that we will keep on our radar. Instead our top priority will essentially be lending assistance to committees and projects where needed. In summary, Internal Coordination will be a “working group committee”, where members of IC will have the ability to seamlessly move to and from different committees, be involved in as many projects as they want, and commit their energies specifically to the tasks that are needed to help make all projects and events a success.


Who it is for

As a member of IC you are removing yourself from the main duties an responsibilities of a committee member. No longer will you be “specialized” in any area, instead you are more or less a freelance volunteer for Occupy Chicago with enough know how to communicate and function with others in Occupy minus being bogged down by emails, and committee politics. This structure will be perfect for the “casual” occupiers, and those who are limited in the number of hours they can dedicate per week to Occupy (in the 1-10 hour/week range)



By participating in IC you are freeing yourself up to work in any committee you want to


All other committees will have a smaller core that gives them greater confidence in who they can rely on to attend meetings  



NOTE: Committees are currently open access. That means anyone may specify that they are a member of a committee. Hence, this list may not reflect the actual day-to-day participants in the activities of a given committee, but serves as a general list.