Secretariat is responsible for setting the agenda of 7pm General Assemblies based on submitted proposals and requests, supporting the GA facilitators, and taking and publishing minutes. Secretariat offers facilitator training sessions to empower individuals to moderate the GA and run facilitate meetings. Currently the Secretariat is working on adjusting GA procedure. We invite everyone with ideas to join this group and the conversation.

To get a proposal onto the agenda, please e-mail it to Secretariat by 3:00pm on Sundays and tell us which TWO days are best for you to present.

Emergency proposals will be evaluated on a case by case basis.


Secretariat Weekly Meetings:
Sundays at 4pm at 500 W. Cermak
Thursdays at 6pm 500 W. Cermak



NOTE: Committees are currently open access. That means anyone may specify that they are a member of a committee. Hence, this list may not reflect the actual day-to-day participants in the activities of a given committee, but serves as a general list.