Social Media


The Social Media committee interfaces with Facebook, Twitter, etc. to engage the 99%.

We are responsible for the two main social media outlets of this movement:

Other information you may find helpful:



Live Stream Channels:

Here's a list of official Occupy Chicago Committee Twitter accounts:

Here's a list of official Chicagoland Occupations:


some of the members of the #sweetcrew [Social Media Comm]:

  • @Federal_Flashes
  • @BaburRealer
  • @Better_Red
  • @CliffPotts
  • @divebunny13
  • @jujueyeball
  • @MarkiDemery
  • @McCarter73
  • @megmantis
  • @PhilipDeVon1
  • @pHinkasaurus
  • @SamwiseOccupies
  • @squidpunk

Disclaimer: The views expressed by members of the Social Media Committee do not necessarily reflect the views of Occupy Chicago.

If you would like to join the Social Media committee please send an email to



NOTE: Committees are currently open access. That means anyone may specify that they are a member of a committee. Hence, this list may not reflect the actual day-to-day participants in the activities of a given committee, but serves as a general list.