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December 2011

12.17 Keep Your Kids Occupied Family Fair


12.14 Occupy Chicago Direct Action Flying Squad To "Turnaround Mayor Emanuel's "Failing" Office


12.13 & 12.14 Occupy Chicago Joins Chicago Teachers Union For Overnight Vigil & CPS Board Meeting to Stop School Closings


12.7 Occupied Chicago Tribune Prints 1st Issue


12.5 State-Wide Occupation Gathering & 12.6-7 Occupy Columbia/PFAC Demonstrations


12.4 Occupy Chicago, Southside Rooftop Reverand Encamp


12.2 Rahm Running Scared: "Mayor 1%" Cancels UIC Appraeance


12.2 Occupy UIC Confronts "Mayor 1%" Emanuel


12.1 The Occupation Gets Results: Victories in Springfield, at UIC Highlight Growth of State-Wide Movement


November 2011

11:28 Occupy Chicago Marches Against CME Tax Breaks and Indefinite Detention of Civilians on US Territories


11.24: Occupy Chicago People's Parade and State Street Occupation


11.21: Occupy Chicago Marches on City Hall to Defend Civil Liberties


11.18: Occupy Chicago Forms Bread Line to Fight Tax Breaks for Campaign Contributers


11.17: Occupy Chicago Winter Plans and Operation Chicago Spring


11.17: Die-In Commemorates Two-Month Anniversary of Occupy Movement


11.17: Occupy Chicago Participates in National Day of Action


11.14: Rice and Paulson Back Out of Speaking Event


11.14: The Occupation Un-Welcomes Rice and Paulson; GA Moves to South Side


11.11: Occupy Chicago Stands with Anti-War Vets on Veterans Day


11.07: Seniors Block Streets to Protest Social Program Funding Cuts


11.07: Occupy Chicago Stands with Seniors


11.05: Occupy Chicago Celebrates Bank Transfer Day


11.02: Occupy Chicago Stands with Oakland


October 2011

10.26: Occupy Chicago Works with City to Find Permanent Home


10.23: The Occupation Will Continue! Second Occupation Attempt Brings Arrests


10.23: Free Speech Does Not End at 11pm – City of Chicago Refuses To Grant First Amendment Rights



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