Occupy Chicago Works With City to Find Permanent Home


CHICAGO 10/26/11 — Occupy Chicago announced today that their legal representatives, the National Lawyer’s Guild (NLG), will be meeting with the City’s Corporation Counsel this Thursday to discuss a permanent, round-the-clock location for the Occupation’s home base.

“Last Friday, our General Assembly voted to empower our legal representatives, the National Lawyer’s Guild (NLG), to meet with City authorities, says Cathy “Sugar” Russell from Occupy Chicago. “We have seen comments from City Hall in the press, claiming we refuse to work with them. This is not true. Last week, we invited the Mayor and his staff to attend our General Assembly, and they declined. We are dedicated to open discourse, and securing a permanent home for our movement.”

When asked why a 24/7 location for the Occupation is needed, organizers said, “This movement is about building community, and for that to happen, we need a home. We’re creating a forum for discussion, where grievances can be aired, engaging in the kind of constructive debate that no longer takes place in politics, or in the media. We are beginning a conversation about how to put power back in the hands of ordinary people, taking it away from corrupt politicians and corporations. Together, we will create a new system, built on social and economic equality.”

Since Sept. 23, Occupy Chicago has been utilizing the sidewalks of the financial district to raise awareness of the corruption and complicity in the banking industry and government.

For more information, see www.OccupyChi.org and @OccupyChicago on Twitter.

For more information on the worldwide protest, which has spread to hundreds of communities, see occupyinfo.tumblr.com



Regarding semi-permanent

Regarding semi-permanent space for Occupy Chicago to proceed, what about the space at Wells and Harrison (41.873412,-87.634485 those coordinates on google maps) - it's an empty lot, only a couple blocks from the main Jackson/LaSalle site, is already serviced by dumpsters and is not a major shopping area.   I'm not certain how the citry could object to using that location, TBH.


Hope this helps!

New space

Regarding new space, how about Federal Plaza; in front of post office ( in solidarity with postal workers union)


Calder's Flamingo in Chicago's Federal Plaza.



reminds me of the Paris Commune, except this time we're ASKING the government for permission. why are we politely asking the city govt. for authorization? it seems... odd...