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Ahoy, beautiful compatriots, evil infiltrators, and lonely bystanders! Lend me your ears, tears, fears, high gears, peers, sight seers and near-and-dears. Here be a brief communication to

1) express why JAIL SUPPORT IS IMPORTANT and

2) describe how YOU CAN SUPPORT VICTIMS of political violence (AKA your friends). 

UPDATE: join Occupy Chicago and their allies this Saturday, June 9 from 1-3 p.m. at 500 W Cermak for an afternoon of creating art and writing letters to our Occupy brothers still imprisoned. For more information, see http://www.facebook.com/events/166386716825381/

So the shit’s hit the fan, the rubber met the road and we’ve collected a bit of the lay of the land.  Specifically:


1) The state has gone about its usual business of terrorizing the better half of the body politic. 

2) We are all potential targets of political violence when we think or act freely

3) Free thought and action must/will be defended. 


Therefore, we will overcome, recuperate and be free. The state’s attack is located in/on our persons/selves, in the form of direct assault, disappearance, general harassment, fear-mongering, mis-information, etc.  Without recuperating from this offensive we cannot return to the multiplicity of contested spaces where we define our struggle. In order to effectively express our rage we must first get some sleep, eat well, and clear our minds. As we recuperate and meditate on the condition of our incarcerated comrades, let’s consider the significance of jail support.  



Jail support is an integral part of activist culture- a time when we struggle to accept and alleviate the burdens of imprisoned comrades. We should see the struggles of those less lucky than us, who fought the same battles, labored through the same long meetings, as our own. We accept these and they make us stronger. These are not burdens to weigh us down, but rather points at which we rally. When a broken bone is set properly, it is stronger after healing than it was before the break.

Not only do we share our imprisoned brothers’ and sisters’ fight, we also allow them some measure of relief as they leave jail. Those held for shorter periods (days rather than years) need bodies outside to welcome them. Love heals wounds. 

The reason our comrades have been locked up is always the same: it is an attempt by the State to subdue us. We support our friends because we are not afraid and will continue our fight.  Every major political event of the past few decades is haunted by specters of unjust, pre-emptive political violence committed by the state on dissenters (for a taxonomy of state political violence surrounding international political events, refer to the book Shutting Down The Streets).  The state consistently commits violent acts to defend its illegitimate monopolies of truth, power, and justice.  These arrests typically draw attention away from legitimate grievances (in this case NATO).  We resist the media spectacle- as we support our friends in jail, our attention remains on the reason for their oppression.



Constructive, fantastic, awesome and fearless comrades remain in jail on false charges. Everyone can help support them. There are numerous ways of doing so.  Support our friends emotionally and physically by writing and visiting during their incarceration; financially by donating to our bail fund at www.tinyurl.com/OCbailfund; and generally by letting your social networks know the truth about the recent happenings.  Below are instructions and information about visiting and writing letters to our friends, along with some useful tips and resources.


If you are going to visit our arrested comrades, be prepared for Cook County-caliber frustration. The “Department of Corrections” facilitates the decomposition of inmates’ sanity and increases the anxiety of dissenters in general.  Do not expect co-operation. Cook County Sheriffs are tools of the state, charged with isolating and terrifying (political) prisoners and their supporters. Bring plenty of patience and possibly this document. You have the information. Use it.

Jail support is not a chance to stick it to the man. This means that you should comply with reasonable requests from officers, such as moving slightly farther away from the precinct, and that you should not antagonize desk sergeants or court officers. When our fellow activists are in custody our behavior outside the precinct can effect their treatment inside.

You will need ID.  Acceptable forms include state ID, driver’s license, student ID, military ID, CPD ID, passport. Bring nothing with you other than your ID and your car keys or transit pass. Otherwise, the Sheriff’s department will make you rent a $3 locker.

You can visit Jay, Brent and Jacob once per week.

Visitors are allowed only to communicate with inmates via a bulletproof, AUDIO-RECORDING membrane. DO NOT DISCUSS THE PARTICULARS OF THEIR CHARGES. It could jeopardize their case. This applies to written communication too. It’s also probably something they don’t want to think about in the few minutes they have to interact with people on the outside.  If you are uncertain about whether or not a topic of conversation is sensitive, err on the side of caution- don’t mention it. Jay, Brent, and Jacob need general human conversation to let them know someone out there cares about them, that they’re not alone. They need assurance that the non-imprisoned world still remembers, cares about, and supports them. We can, should, and will do so. 

Empower others by sharing this information. Let’s demonstrate to the public and to each other that another world is possible and that starts with supporting our comrades. 



Visit Brian (Jacob) Church (inmate #2012-0519002), Brent Betterly (inmate #2012-0519001) and Jared (Jay) Chase (inmate #20120519003) at 31st and Sacramento in maximum security division 9. It’s down the street from the courthouse, and West on 31st. You can visit them (separately) on Mondays 3:30 p.m. - 8:30 p.m. and Saturdays 8 am to 1 pm. Their next court date is June 12 at 2600 S. California, Branch 98.

Visitors can only see Brian, Brent, or Jay once per week.

If you aren’t able to visit, you can mail letters. Books are welcome but need to be delivered to the Occupy Chicago office at 500 West Cermak, Chicago, IL (only “publishers” can send books to prisoners). We encourage people to drop off books or zines. Brent likes to read science fiction, Brian reads nonfiction, and Jacob wants colored pencils and paper. Letters are always welcome and can be delivered directly to Jay, Brent, and Jacob. Address letters to:

Brent Betterly


PO Box 089002

Chicago IL 60608


Jared Chase


PO Box 089002

Chicago IL 60608


Brian Church


PO Box 089002

Chicago IL 60608


more info

Cook County Inmate Locator: www2.cookcountysheriff.org/search2/

delicious jail support info/narratives: rnc08arrestees.wordpress.com/


with love,

the enraged


NOTE: Shit's fucked up and bullshit for these comrades, too. When you're visiting anyone in the prison system, stop by and brighten these Occupiers' days as well. And don't forget to write. Everyone loves letters:

Raziel Azuara, inmate# 2012-0521087 - Help raise $15,000 to free him at Occupy Chicago Bail Fund
Visit him at Division 11 BH, on 3015 S. California on Sundays, from 3:30-8:30 p.m.
To send him letters, address them to:

Raziel Azuara
PO Box 089002
Chicago IL 60608


Christopher French - inmate # 2012-0522081, help raise $10,000 to bail him out. Donate to tinyurl.com/ocbailfund or see http://freedomforchris.wordpress.com/
Visit him at Cook County Jail Division 6, 2900 S Sacramento
on Mondays from 3:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.
Next court date is May 30 at Belmont & Western
To send him letters, address them to:
Christopher French
PO Box 089002
Chicago IL 60608

Yonte Harris, inmate #2012-0521086 - $20,000 needed to bail him out. Donate to Occupy Chicago Bail Fund

Visit him at Div 2, Dorm 4 on Mondays and Saturdays from 3:30 to 8:30 p.m. at 2800 S Sacramento
Next court date is May 29 Belmont & Western
To send him letters, address them to:
Yonte Harris
PO Box 089002
Chicago IL 60608


Mark Neiweem, inmate # 2012-0520023, $50,000 needed to bail him out. Donate to Occupy Chicago Bail Fund!
Thursdays 3:30 to 8:30 p.m.
Sundays 3:30 to 8:30 p.m. at 26th and California
Next court date is June 13 at 2600 S. California, Branch 98
To send him letters, address them to:
Mark Neiweem
PO Box 089002
Chicago IL 60608

Sebastian Senakiewicz, inmate #2012-0520030 only $75,000 to bail him out! Donate at Occupy Chicago Bail Fund
Wednesdays 3:30 to 8:30 p.m.
Saturdays 3:30 to 8:30 p.m.
Next court date is June 13 2600 S California
To send him letters, address them to:
Sebastian Senakiewicz
PO Box 089002
Chicago IL 60608



People Staged performance today

hey folks--I'm with the Brooklyn Culture Jammers and my friends in the People Staged group are doing an event this afternoon at 4 at Union Square Park. We'll be joined by OWS puppet guild. We'll be distributing flyers in support of the arrestees. 


I want to give a message of caution. I am sure that the so called "NATO 3" were set up, but that does not necessarily mean that it will be proved in court. If these three are convicted as terrorists and Occupy moves together to support them, what will we be labeled as? TERRORISTS!! This case needs to be approached with extreme caution. Supporting them individually by visiting and talking is one thing. Organizing marches and rallies under the banner of Occupy could jeopardize the entire movement. 


The entrapping doesn’t end with the NATO three. If we don't watch ourselves the entire movement will be entrapped. 



"You are a terrorist. there. I said it. Now you are illegal and nobody is allowed to talk to you or listen to what you have to say."


Does that make ANY SENSE AT ALL? Grow a spine and defend your fellow human beings against the bureaucratic onslaught of the 1%.

The movement is being split by this ridiculous concept that the moment someone steps outside the bounds of the 1%'s kindly hearted laws then we must be wary around them, and distance ourselves. Thats preposterous and it cripples us. That kind of logic allows the state, in service to the 1%, to swoop down like they did and kidnap handfuls of young people at a time and charge them with whatever they like, knowing that fools like you are sitting with rapt attention to their propaghanda mill. 


You're comment has deeply insulted me.