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Bill Moyers new show: episodes on Occupy, Glass Steagall, etc.

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Bill Moyers has a new show that just started on public TV this month called "Moyers and Company".  He has a great website where clips and full episodes can be viewed.  He gets into the Occupy movement, the banking problems, Glass Steagall, policy change, etc.

I saw part of the fourth episode.  He interviews former Citigroup chairman John Reed (who basically endorses OWS) and former senator Byron Dorgan.  There's a great clip of then-senator Dorgan (D-ND) fighting to save Glass Steagall on Nov 4, 1999 where he predicts that 10 years down the line we would regret the action.  Can anyone say "bailout"?  How prophetic. 

Apparently, the first episode dealt with the Occupy Movement.  He has a great website where all episodes can be viewed in their entirety.  He interviews two policy experts who had a tepid reaction to the occupy movement.  As a 99%-er I typed a substantial reply defending the necessity of the occupy movement to create change. 

My husband and I have always respected Bill Moyers.  I think this is a "must see" show.  He deserves credit as being one of the few people in the media who is discussing Glass Steagall in more than a soundbite.

Mmazi thanks for your contribution!

I have wacthed the interview;.I found it not only interesting but useful  in our education and future actions.

Btw I'm sorry for the late response but we take this seriously and don't hesitate to post more comments here which you find valuable for progress and education.

Sincerely yours,