Occupy Obama at UIC!


Occupy UIC






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Wed. 1/11

Occupy Obama at UIC!

2:30pm to 6pm (Doors open at 3, Obama speaks at 5:30)

Southwest corner of Halsted and Roosevelt



Occupy UIC Speaks Out Against NDAA at Obama Fundraiser


Chicago 1/10 – This Wednesday, President Obama will attend a fundraiser at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) Forum, at Roosevelt and Halsted. Occupy UIC is calling for all concerned Chicagoans to stand with them to denounce the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), and hold Obama accountable for signing into law a bill which allows the government to detain American citizens without due process.


“According to the NDAA, those who commit or support a belligerent act against the US can be held indefinitely, without due process,” says Tom Alter of Occupy UIC. “With wording that vague, just about anyone can be labeled a terrorist. Obama has been nothing more than Bush on steroids. More attacks on civil liberties, more war, and more deportations. All this has to end.”


Local attacks on civil liberties by “Mayor 1%” Emanuel, Obama’s former Chief of Staff, show a disturbing trend toward the repression of First Amendment rights. Emanuel’s proposed updates to parade permit and public gathering ordinances, which gravely limit the capacities of protest actions within Chicago, will be put before the City Council for a vote on January 18th. Occupy Chicago has issued a city-wide call to action to oppose these ordinances, including a campaign to contact Aldermen in every neighborhood: http://occupychi.org/direct-action/blog/2012/01/09/operation-roll-call-demand-your-aldermen-defend-your-rights


“Civil liberties and Constitutional rights are under attack from the Oval Office to the Mayor’s Office,” says Rachael Perrotta of Occupy Chicago. “As Chicago’s politicians prepare to welcome the world’s most powerful leaders to our city this Spring, Occupy Chicago is fighting for the right to peacefully assemble, and to continue to speak out against the stranglehold banks and corporations have over our government.”


Facebook Event: http://www.facebook.com/#!/events/145407372239361/

Occupy Chicago statement against NDAA: http://occupychi.org/secretariat/blog/2011/12/14/ndaa-hold-obama-accountable-police-state-measures


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