Occupy Chicago Gives Thanks: People’s Parade & State Street Occupation


UPDATE: State Street Parade Occupation location change. State street from Washington to Randolph blocked off for VIPs. ACTION IS STILL ON THE EAST SIDE OF STATE STREET BUT IS NOW BETWEEN MADISON AND MONROE.



Thursday 11/24
People’s Parade: 9:30am, Michigan & Congress
State Street Occupation: 7am, State Street from Washington to Randolph

Occupy Chicago Gives Thanks: People’s Parade & State Street Occupation

CHICAGO 11/23 – This Thanksgiving, Occupy Chicago asks supporters: What are you thankful for? The Occupation is offering an alternative to the corporate-sponsored event taking place on State Street, in the form of a People’s Parade, where participants will carry signs expressing their thankfulness that a better world is possible.

"We are thankful to be participating in a movement that is changing the world," say Jill Myers who will be marching in the Occupy Chicago People’s Parade. "More Chicagoans are identifying as part of the 99% every day. People of every age and background, from every neighborhood in the city and suburbs, are coming together to rescue our democracy from the financial institutions, corporations, and crooked politicians who seem intent on destroying it."

The Occupy Chicago People’s Parade will gather at 9:30am at Michigan and Congress, site of the Occupy Chicago General Assembly. After the parade, the group will return to Grant Park, where stories will be shared about the plight of the original occupants of this land, the Native Americans, and other displaced peoples around the world.
See: http://www.facebook.com/#!/events/245138785546919/

"Instead of watching a corporate parade, or fighting the crowds in the mall, we're inviting people to participate in a community-based event, to share ideas about the positive impact we can have on this city," says Mike Flint. 

A call has also gone out on Facebook to Occupy the McDonald’s Thanksgiving Parade on State Street. Organizers say they want to take advantage of media coverage of the parade to advance the public’s understanding of the Occupy movement. 
See: http://www.facebook.com/PressCOMM#!/events/294845043867734/

For more information about Occupy Chicago, see OccupyChi.org, follow on Twitter @OccupyChicago or #OccupyChi, or visitfacebook.com/OccupyChicago


Truth and Lies

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A friend was complaining bitterly to me about the distorted mainstream media coverage of the Occupy movement.  He said it was grossly unfair and inaccurate- deceitful even.  But that is exactly what they are supposed to do.

Read the insights of one disillusioned journalist as he explains “The Truth About the Lies We Are Told” at   www.josephcouture.com



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Sorry, I didn't see your first caution.  I appreciate the second chance before giving me the boot.  I will set up a forum.  


Thanks a lot.



Questionable content

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On a previous occasion when visiting the site I noted a piece which was pointedly anti-semetic. There is definitely no room that I can concieve of for racial propoganda in the movements open forum, it just allows a level of finger pointing to go on. I don't think of America as a color differention engin. It's called a melting pot because our ideas come together to form a stew which hopefully can taste half way decent, not the offal or swill of a few who seek after the visions of those who have us where we presently are as a society.