Occupy Chicago Forms Bread Line to Fight Tax Breaks for Campaign Contributors



Occupy Chicago // OccupyChi.org

Friday 11/18/11

SB 405 Bread Line Action

12pm, Jackson & LaSalle

March to Thompson Center

Friday: Occupy Chicago Forms Bread Line to Fight Tax Breaks for Campaign Contributors

CHICAGO 11/18 – On the heels of the City of Chicago passing its 2012 Budget, which includes cuts to mental health clinics, 'Mayor 1%' Emanuel is pushing to pass Senate Bill 405, which offers $120 million in tax breaks to top campaign contributors, the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) and the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE). These institutions recently received $16 million is discretionary TIF funds.

"Illinois can't afford this bill. It is only being considered because CME made some well-placed campaign contributions, $200,000 to Rahm Emanuel, $150,000 to speaker Mike Madigan, and $90,000 to Governor Quinn," says Cecilia Marvone, a registered nurse and Occupy Chicago participant. "Apparently, all politicians have their price tags. This is political highway robbery."

CME has threatened to leave the state if the bill does not go through, even while their new, multimillion dollar electronic trading facility is under construction in Aurora, IL. Questions have been raised as to whether or not the company could actually make such a move without alienating their customers and paying more in costs than they would stand to gain.

Today, Friday November 18th, at 12pm, Occupy Chicago will stand against this bill with a themed marching from headquarters at Jackson and LaSalle to Gov. Quinn’s office at the Thompson Center, 100 West Randolph. The citizens of Chicago will express their outrage over being forced to cover a tax dodge by CME and CBOE, and will draw awareness to the conflict of interest between elected representatives and their big business supporters.

"We will form a depression-era breadline and march single file from our headquarters to Quinn's office in the Thompson Center to ask for our own personal tax bailout," said David Orlikoff, a Columbia College Chicago student and Occupy Chicago participant who helped organize this event. "Participants are encouraged to dress the part with ratty old suits and tin cups."

This action is part of a larger campaign to block SB 405 that is being led by Make Wall Street Pay Illinois. The group’s website, makewallstreetpayillinois.org, contains a petition to against this bill and contact information for those voting on the bill at the end of this month.

For more information about Occupy Chicago, see OccupyChi.org, follow on Twitter @OccupyChicago or #OccupyChi, or visit facebook.com/OccupyChicago


Excellent action! Looking

Excellent action! Looking forward to hearing the report. This is exactly the kind of thing that the general population can get their focus on. I will be sending out this page link to everyone I know in Illinois and will encourage them to act upon it.

Thursday was a great show of support for Occupy Chicago and Occupy Everywhere. So many people!