Arrestees: Get To The NLG Meeting!


Help us get the word out to those arrested at the horse who are planning to fight the charges!
Months after members from Occupy Chicago were arrested en masse during "Take the Horse," occupants are still involved in a plethora of other actions.  We still remember those two weekends in October, but they have begun to fade in our memories as we work to occupy and fight to defend our civil liberties which are more and more frequently being stripped (NDAA, SOPA, Rahm's new anti-protest law.....).
Many of us who were arrested are still involved in the legal struggle to overturn these unfair charges.  February 15th is our next court date for the consolidation of our cases, on the road to a jury trial.  We have a very important meeting with the NLG on January 15th (next Sunday!) that everyone who is planning to fight the charges should definitely attend.
We are looking to consolidate even further the group who will take the matter to a jury trial, attempting to create a group that demonstrates the varied social structure of the 99%.  It is important that everyone who has filed the motion attend the meeting.
Please help us spread word.  The NLG, as wonderful as they have been, is unable to provide us with the contact info of all the arrestees because of legalities.  So we must reach out to our comrades, to strengthen our case as much as possible.
The take away:  NATIONAL LAWYERS GUILD AND OCCUPY CHICAGO ARRESTEES (those who have filed a motion to dismiss) in Merchandise Mart suite 400 on January 15th at 2:00 PM.


Civil Liberties Defense Committee


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