Call Your Senators

Occupy Chicago opposes the language featured in the National Defense Authorization Act, which if passed would allow for the indefinite detention of American citizens by the military without charge or trail anywhere in the world.  This expands and codifies tactics from the War on Terror of illegal detentions condemned by international law and our own constitution. We urge senators Durbin and Kirk to oppose this type of legislation in any form.

Mark Kirk    -  Washington DC 202-224-2854   Chicago 312-886-3506
Dick Durbin -  Washington DC 202-224-2152  Chicago 312-353-4952


Tuesday, November 29, 2011 (All day)


We had an impact in Illinois

Both Kirk (R) and Durbin (D) voted for the Udall amendment to remove the dangerous language from the defense spending bill. Unfortunately the amendment was defeated 38-60 Tuesday.

If the bill passes the Senate it will go back to the house. We can put preasure there as well. Currently Obama is threatening to veto it. We'll see. It wouldn't be the first time that he lost his backbone. We need to keep up the pressure and help them to hear the people. Not the pundits.