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Tuesday, January 31, 2012 - 7:30pm


Hamburger Mary's Attic (5400 N Clark Street - Andersonville)


Democracy Burlesque and WakeUpAndDream Productions

Democracy Burlesque and WakeUpAndDream Productions present:


Occupy Mary's Attic!

A Political Salon & Cabaret


Improv, Poetry, Music, Comedy, Dialogue… and much more!


Tuesday January 31st & February 7th

@ 7:30pm

Mary's Attic  (above Hamburger Mary's)

5400 N Clark Street - Andersonville


“A Salon is a gathering of people held partly to amuse one another and partly to refine taste and increase their knowledge of the participants through conversation.”


“Cabaret is a form of entertainment featuring comedy song, dance, theatre, introduced by an MC and distinguished by the performance venue: a restaurant or nightclub.”


Hosted by Andrew Ritter


Featuring the interactive political performance ensemble:  The Dynamising Wills      


Also Featuring:

Micah Philbrook
as Chester Q. Goodsbee, III, robber baron.
A Mayoral Tutorial by Don Washington
Music by El Colectivo Musical
Stand Up Comedy by Cynthia Levin
Poetry by Eva Pilch
A sneak preview of Stage Left's upcoming World Premiere: The Fisherman
A Special Announcement by W.C. Turck

And much much more!


Join us for an interactive evening of artistic expression and spirited conversation as we examine and explore The Occupy Movement.


Occupy The Arts!





Reserve your $12 tickets now by emailing  tickets@democracyburlesque.com or purchase $15 tickets at the doorCash only!



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