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*Below you'll find information on donations committee that was not updated since Nov 28,2011. Click here for the updated content. Please email for any questions.   





Update Nov 28, 2011 - Donations by check


Occupy Chicago is now able to receive donations by check! Checks can be mailed to the following address: 
8th Day Center for Justice
205 West Monroe #2w
Chicago, IL 60606-5013
Please make the check out to, "8th Day Center for Justice / Occupy Chicago". Alternately, donors can write "8th Day Center for Justice" in the "pay to" line, and add "Occupy Chicago" in the "memo" line. Help us raise funds for our indoor winter headquarters! All donations are tax-exempt.
Thank you,
Donations Committee

On Saturday November 12th, 2011 Donations committee was granted the power to make certain autonomous decisions to move forward with a plan to get the money legal. The following is the correspondence we recieved as a result of this vote of confedence.

Crossroads fund

Andrew Smith                                                                                              November 15, 2011                                           

(You can list the name of everyone on the Donations Committee, or someone else if that makes sense)

Representing the Donations Committee

Occupy Chicago


Dear Friends,


Thank you so much for thinking of the Crossroads Fund in starting a pooled fund to benefit your social justice efforts at Occupy Chicago.  This letter of understanding outlines the terms of our partnership.


Crossroads Fund is happy to institute a pooled fund at Crossroads Fund, which will benefit Occupy Chicago and your social justice efforts.  We understand that you currently have approximately $15,000 in a wepay online account.  Crossroads Fund is able to accept the transfer of these contributions to Crossroads Fund.  Moving forward, Crossroads Fund will be able to accept online contributions earmarked for Occupy Chicago. 


To facilitate online contributions to Occupy Chicago, Crossroads Fund will work set up a Donate Now webpage through our online donations provider, Network For Good.  The cost of this additional webpage is $49.95/month.  Crossroads Fund will donate the cost of the online webpage and our staff time to process and acknowledge contributions.  Network for Good automatically deducts a 3% processing fee directly from each contribution.


Crossroads Fund will make grants to Occupy Chicago through your fiscal sponsor, 8th Day Center for Justice.  We will make an initial grant of the contents of the wepay account when we receive it, and will thereafter make grants to your fiscal sponsor on your behalf on a regular basis as funds in Occupy Chicago’s online accounts reach $5,000.  If there is a special need for funds, Occupy Chicago is invited to contact Crossroads Fund and request available funds more quickly.  All grants from Crossroads Fund are made subject to the approval of the Crossroads Fund Board of Directors.


We would like to revisit this agreement in six months, on May 15, 2012, to confirm that the terms are still working for Crossroads Fund and Occupy Chicago.


We are excited to partner with you in this important work.  Thank you for your efforts.





Jeanne Kracher

Executive Director



NAME? WHO? For Occupy Chicago


In accordance with IRS requirements, the Donor Advisor has given up control of the donated funds or goods.  Crossroads Fund has full legal responsibility for and control over the selection of the final recipients of the donation, and is free to exercise its own independent judgement as to the sustainability of any or all grant recipients.

Please note this is a draft letter, the final version will be available when this proposal is ratified by GA


8th Day center for Justice



November 15, 2011,

Dear Occupy-­‐Chicago Friends,

8th Day Center is glad to work with you at this time. 8th Day Center for Justice is a 37 year old nonprofit organization founded by Catholic religious congregations whose mission is to be a “critical alternative voice to oppressive systems...” As such we work in coalition with and have acted as fiscal agents for countless local groups over the years. We are glad to be of assistance for Occupy-­‐Chicago until such a time when you have your own 501c3 status.

As a 501c3 non-­‐for-­‐profit organization 8th Day is prepared to set up an account for Occupy-­‐Chicago in which donations may be made to your group and checks written for your purposes. In order to do this 8th Day has a process whereby appointed persons (normally two people) act as liaisons to 8th Day and follow the procedure for deposits and check writing needs. The only fee to Occupy-­‐Chicago are the bank’s service charges at the end of each month.

Crossroads Fund -­‐-­‐ who will serve as a receiver for Occupy Chicago's online donations in the near future -­‐-­‐ will disperse these monies to Occupy Chicago/8th Day Center’s fiscal agent account. Having such an account allows future donors to give a tax-­‐free gift.

8th Day Center does this service as a way to be in solidarity with groups whose efforts to change systems that oppress is similar to our own. For those who would like to know more about 8th Day Center’s history and mission go to –

Thank you for the invitation to be in solidarity with Occupy-­‐Chicago.
Kathleen Desautels, SP Mary Kay Flanigan, OSF



Law Project Application

The Law Project (TLP) provides legal services to community-based organizations by matching them with qualified attorneys to fulfill those needs. The representation received from the volunteer attorneys is free of charge, although there may be costs such as filing fees and closing costs, which are the responsibility of the organization. TLP staff will serve as an ongoing resource throughout the representation.



Eligibility Guidelines

To be eligible for assistance from TLP, a group must meet the following criteria:


  1. The organization is a not for profit tax-exempt organization or an organization seeking assistance to obtain recognition of tax exemption from the Internal Revenue Service. 


  1. The organization is not in need of legal representation for a dispute, litigation or matters that might reasonably lead to litigation.


  1. The organization is engaged in activities that serve low-income populations or communities.  Most client organizations are involved in the following activities:


  • job training, development, placement, retention and/or entrepreneurship
  • loan funds, community lending programs or a community credit union
  • child care, after school programs
  • civil rights, human rights
  • community education and awareness, health clinics, domestic violence
  • social services including food pantries, clothing and/or furniture distribution
  • arts and cultural organizations
  • real estate development (commercial, retail and affordable housing)
  • transitional housing, supportive housing, group homes, shelters
  • technical assistance providers



Application Fee

The TLP requires an Application Fee.  The Fee is based upon the organization’s actual budget:

            $0 - $25,000 …………………………………………………………………………….……..… $50.00

            $25,000 - $100,000……………………………………………………………….………….… $75.00

            $101,000 - $500,000……………………………………………………….………………… $100.00

            $501,000 - $1 million……………………………………………………….………………… $250.00

            More than $1 million……………………………………………………………………….…. $500.00


This Fee is NON-REFUNDABLE. A separate fee will be charged for each request for legal assistance that requires the assignment of an attorney with expertise in a specialized area.


Nonprofit Application For Legal Assistance


  1. Organization Name: _Occupy Chicago__________________________________
  2. Organization’s contact information:
    Street Address _________

City, State, Zip ____Chicago, IL 60647__________________________
Phone _805 636 8462 (Kieran) / 630 746 8976 (Andrew) Fax __

Email /



  1. Briefly describe the purpose(s) of the organization:

To promote practices of direct democracy in the interest of raising consciousness about economic injustice, and solutions for addressing it. 




  1. Primary Contact Name: _Kieran Aarons_____________________

Position/Title with Organization__Member of Donations Committee___

Street Address _______________

City, State, Zip _Chicago IL 60647____redacted__________________________

Bus. Phone _________________________  Home ______________________

Email _sketchyproposal@yahoo.com___       Cell __redacted_____


  1. Secondary Contact* Name: __Andrew Smith_________________

Position/Title with Organization_________________________________________

Street Address __Redacted__________

City, State, Zip __Elburn, IL 60119_______________________________

Bus. Phone _________________________  Home ______________________

Email __ _________  Cell redacted _________

If the organization is a tax-exempt entity, the secondary contact must be a board officer.


Statistical Information


TLP is a not-for-profit organization that is dependent on funding from government, corporate and private sources. Without this support, TLP would not be able to provide you with legal advice and representation. To apply for funding, we must supply statistics on our clients.


  1. Will your organization specifically service one or more of the following constituencies?

Native American ____    African American ____    Latino/Hispanic ____      Asian ____ 

White ____        Disabled ____    Women ____     Homeless ____     Unemployed ____       Other ________________________________________________________________


  1. Does your organization specifically service one or more of the following age groups?    

Under 18 ____               60 & Over ____


  1. If you are seeking assistance for a housing program, please state the type(s) of housing:

Single Room Occupancy ____   Transitional ____           Permanent ____ 

Emergency Shelter ____                        Other ______________________________________


  1. Where will the programs be offered?  (Identify the community or neighborhood, and provide the applicable Zip Code(s)_Loop, Rogers Park, Pilsen, Logan Square, and throughout the Southside and Westside of Chicago______________


  1. How did you hear about TLP? __Recommended by Crossroads Fund______________






The following information must be sent in with the application. Applications submitted without this information will be returned to the organization for completion.


  1. Is your organization seeking income tax exemption (i.e., 501(c)(3) status)?  Yes___   No_X__


If yes, please skip to pages 4-5 for the list of required materials for organizations seeking income tax exemption, and complete the questions.


If no, please complete questions 2-10 below, and include supporting materials with your application.


  1. Describe in detail the type of legal assistance the group is seeking.

We would like you to review the agreements we make with our fiscal sponsors and online donation providers. We would also like you to review and documents pertaining to lease arrangements for a headquarters, other financial related matters such as bank accounts and pursuing our own 501c3, and similar issues.


  1. Include copies of all documents and correspondence related to the legal assistance your organization is requesting. (Keep originals for your records.)

Please see the attached pages containing letters outlining our agreements with 8th Day and with Crossroads.


  1. Provide your mission statement, sample grant proposals, brochures, flyers, and informational materials for your organization.

     Please see our website for information about our organization


  1. Provide the names and addresses of all the officers and directors of the organization.

 Please see our website for contact information for our committees


  1. Provide a copy of the Articles of Incorporation.


  1. Provide a copy of the Bylaws.


  1. Provide a copy of your income and expenses budget for the current year, or the organization’s most recent annual report.


  1. Are there any attorneys involved with your organization who have provided legal assistance to your group?

                                                                                                Yes___                          No__X_

If yes, provide the following:


Name of the attorney(s): _____________________________________________


Legal work provided: ________________________________________________



Do you still have an ongoing relationship?                           Yes___                          No___


Did you pay for the above-described services?                    Yes___                          No___


If yes, please explain why pro bono assistance is now being requested:





  1. Skip to the signature page, page 6.





Application Materials for New Nonprofits


If your group is seeking legal assistance with obtaining recognition of income tax exemption, please submit the following materials with your application and fee. Applications submitted without this information will be returned to the organization for completion.


  1. Provide the following information for all the directors, officers, and employees of the organization:
    1. The person’s name, personal address, phone, and email address.
    2. Whether s/he will be a director, officer and/or employee. For officers, provide which officer role. For employees, please provide the employee title. For more information, see our Understanding Not-For-Profit Board Composition FAQ.
    3. The reasons this person is involved with the organization, including the qualities and experiences that will help the organization achieve its goals. (Examples include the person’s resume or a biographical statement.)
    4. If the person will be paid, list how much, for what role, and who makes that decision.
    5. Whether the organization will purchase or rent goods or services from this person, and describe the arrangement.


  1. The organization’s business plan. At a minimum, the business plan should include:
    1. The organization’s mission and vision statements.
    2. The problem(s) the organization seeks to address.
    3. A description of the population to be served.
    4. A detailed description of the organization’s activities and programs that will accomplish the organization’s goals.
    5. The neighborhood or community where the activities are to be conducted.
    6. Identification of other organizations addressing the same issues in the community and how this organization differs.
    7. The organization’s sources of financial support and its plans for fund-raising.


  1. The organization’s projected budget. Provide in spreadsheet format, or see form on
    page 5 if needed.


  1. Is the organization incorporated?                                  Yes___              No___

If yes, send a copy of the organization’s Articles of Incorporation.
If no, the volunteer attorney will prepare them.


  1. Does the organization have Bylaws?                              Yes___              No___

If yes, send a copy of the organization’s Bylaws.
If no, the volunteer attorney will prepare them.


  1. Does the organization have its FEIN?                             Yes___              No___

If yes, send a copy of the letter from the IRS, or provide the FEIN number.
If no, the volunteer attorney will help you obtain it.


  1. Skip to the signature page, page 6.














Application Materials for New Nonprofits

Projected Budget Information


Following are categories for a nonprofit organization's income and expense statement.  Your organization should give serious thought to these and other items unique to your organization's activities. This is a start-up budget and represents your best guess regarding the needs of your organization and the sources and amounts of income needed to meet its expenses.


Your expenses should not exceed your income. Although your organization is unique, a good ballpark amount for a first year budget might be $75,000. If your organization had that amount of money, how would it spend the monies? Where would this money come from? You are encouraged to talk to people who operate similar organizations in the Chicago area to get a feel for the kinds and amounts of equipment you will need and the expenses that you will have.



Projected Expenses




Executive Director


Staff Title:                 


Staff Title:                 


Staff Title:                 


Employee benefits


Payroll Taxes


Business Insurance




Utilities - electricity, gas




Office Supplies


Postage & Delivery


Copying & printing


Travel & meetings


Publications & dues


Accounting services




























Projected Income




Fees for Services:








Sales of Products:








Individual Contributions




Corporate Contributions








Fundraising Events








Government Grants








Private Foundation Grants

















For all Nonprofit Organizations:


Upon receipt of application materials, if the organization is eligible, TLP will recruit an attorney to work with you. When the attorney’s law firm approves the work, we will call you to schedule the first meeting. The information you submit will be shared with our volunteers in our efforts to recruit an attorney and TLP may disclose your organization’s name to our funders.


By signing this form you agree that:

  1. The application and information submitted is true and correct,
  2. TLP may disclose your information and application materials to volunteer attorneys and law firms in its efforts to recruit pro bono assistance for your organization, and
  3. TLP may disclose your organization’s name and our efforts to recruit pro bono assistance for your organization to our funders.



Signature:     _____________________________________________________   Date:_Nov 16th, 2011


Name:           __Kieran Aarons   ___________________________________________________


Title:             __Member, Donations Committee___________________________________________


Organization:    Occupy Chicago


These are the three documents that we recieved to move forward. They will be filled in properly with GA approval.

Thank you for your donations!