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What is Occupychi ?

Occupychi.org has started in the month of January in 2013 by group of 20 people who are striving hard to offer all the latest news and updates that are going around the globe each and every moment without fail. Presently Occupychi provides information  regarding Education, Sports, Politics, Business, Entertainment, Technology etc.

Occupychi Moto:

Occupychi.org is making a way towards becoming one of best site in India in next few months, Occupychi is dealing with different categories like News, Politics, Education, Technology etc. We proudly can say that occupychi is One stop destination for all Indians. Our stories will Educate, Entertain and Will create awareness among Indian Audience

The Categories:

In our site we offer news about the National Issues, International proceedings, Sports of both National and International importance, about Movie related news, Reviews & Box Office Collections, Education Results, Job Notifications, Technology and Much more. We always tend to cover each and every topic that is concerned as the latest current affair, irrespective of time. We provide the best and the most trusted news in our website, may be about the gossips or the about the actual incidents, so as to not to allow our beloved readers any difficulty and labor.

Our writers works 24/7 so as to keep fresh content on our site that will catch your attention, to educate our readers on every possible issue of equal importance. The youth of this era are in such a generation where one has to miss no news or current affair that is going across the globe and our writers try to put in their extra effort to publish such sort of stuff for the youth too.

Final Say :

We tend to be as simple as possible but covering all the different categories so that our readers faces no trouble where one has to search on for different such stuff in many other websites across this giant Internet World. So, stay tuned with our website that keeps you update all round the clock.

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