#globalNOISE Casserole March


Saturday Oct 13th @ 3pm, Thompson Center (100 W. Randolph)
A Casserole march against Economic Inequality
Casserole means pot banging, so bring pots and pans to create noise!

Join Occupy Chicago and other activist orginazations as we march against economic inequality in our communities. We will meet at the Thompson Center at 3pm, and march by 3:30pm. The march route will take us by several locations where speak outs will happen, highlighting the effects of economic inequality in Chicago. This march is a casserole march, meaning it's a pot banging noise demo. So bring old pots and pans, horns and drums, and any noise makers you want. The idea is to create a large amount of noise to bring attention to our cause. And to have a fun time doing it! For more info, visit the Chicago march Facebook event: http://bit.ly/gnchi and the international #globalNOISE site at www.globalnoise.net.

from globalnoise.net:
"International activists involved in the Indignato and Occupy movements have begun a campaign to create GlobalNoise, a worldwide cacerolazo, or casserole march, on Saturday, October 13th, 2012. The hope is that local Occupations and Collectives will take up the call to march, using the method of a casserole march to highlight whatever issues are the most important to their community.

Historically, banging on a pot has been a universally understood means to gain attention. The casserole march has its origins as a means to call attention to problems facing the community that the power structure is not addressing, using a method that is hard to ignore. In the past, this form of activism has been used to draw attention to education reform, starvation, government corruption, inequality in resources, and more."

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