Occupy Chicago's 1 Year Anniversary!


A Year Of Awakening: Celebrate the Anniversary of Occupy Chicago

Sunday, Sept. 23rd -  Starting at 1pm @ Lasalle & Jackson


Occupy Chicago invites our friends and allies, and all of the 99%, to join us in the financial district to celebrate a year of awakening, and a show of active resistance to the status quo that has brought so many into a struggle for a better life, and better world. 

Schedule of Activities

1pm - “Safe and Creative Protest,” with Jerry Boyle. Children's activities: Story hour, with Molly Rasmussen, CPS teacher, and Occupier. Paper flower making, face painting, chalkupy, and sign making. Drum circle (bri

ng your buckets and drums!).

2pm-3pm - Poetry readings by Molly Meacham (CPS teacher and slam poet), and Malcolm London (CPS student and slam poet). Poetry reading by Occupiers (bring your poetry). Musical performance by Mercedes Inez Martinez, jam session, drumming.

3pm - 3:30pm - Street theater, by Occupy Rogers Park, followed by a speak out.

3:30pm - Anniversary march, followed by a Theater of the Oppressed workshop at Congress Plaza.

- There will be a NATO 5 letter writing corner, and a book share (bring a book you think other Occupiers should read, and trade it in).

This is an event by the people, for the people. Bring your drums, your chalk, your poems, your stilts, your dance shoes, and any other fun element you'd like to add to the celebration! Do you have a talent or a concept you'd like to share? Bring it to Jackson & LaSalle on Sunday!