Caravan For Peace with Justice and Dignity MARCH


Desde el Arco de La Villita, 26th St. y Albany,
hacia la Iglesia New Mount Pilgrim
Missionary Baptist Church,
4301 W. Washington Blvd. 

La marcha comienza las 5 pm en el Arco de La Villita.
La asamblea empieza a las 7 pm en la iglesia Mt. Pilgrim.
March will leave at 5 pm from the Arch at the
Little Village, meeting will start at 7 pm at Mt. Pilgrim.
The Caravan for Peace with Justice and Dignity will be arriving in Chicago, on September 2-4. The Caravan Vision: Walking together with the victims of the War on Drugs. The War on drugs produced painful consequences in both Mexico and the United States, leaving a trail of death, pain and corruption in its path. 
The war on drugs has made an impact in Chicago for decades. We need our mothers, grandmothers, our community organizers, our youth to share their stories with the 150 caravan members who themselves have survived and lost members of their family due to the violence and poverty that plagues many communities in Mexico. This caravan is traveling through the United States putting a face to the stories. Encouraging us to look and revise the U.S. policies in place that have impacted many lives in Mexico and here in our own country.
We nee to show a strong presence in is the March for Peace and Unity that will start off in Little Village and go through parts of North Lawndale. Bridging the Latino and African-American communities and standing in unity and solidarity. This march for Peace will end at New Mount Pilgrim Missionary Baptist Church with an opportunity for the participating communities through out Chicago to share their stories with the Peace Caravan. 
EVENTS ORGANIZED BY: Our Lady of Guadalupe Anglican Catholic Mission • Lincoln United
Methodist Church • Centro Sin Fronteras • Chicago Clergy Coalition • BUILD Inc. • Corazón Boliviano
USA • Network for Revolutionary Change (NRC) • Mirame Youth Network of Little Village
WITH THE SUPPORT OF: La Alianza Nacional de Comunidades Latinoamericanas y Caribeñas
(NALACC) • FEDECMI • Durango Unido • CONFEMEX • MIGUA • CCG-Chicago • Centro Autonomo
de Albany Park • Casa Michoacan