Occupy Obama


The United States is in need of change, now more than ever, and that change must come from the people. We can no longer rely on politicians to save us. Politicians are bought and sold by the very interests that are destroying our society, and our president Barack Obama is no different. After coming into office under the guise of hope and change we have seen more of the same policies and actions that brought us to our current situation. Now more than ever it is time for a real change.

With the upcoming pr

esidential election we are going to be given two sides of the same corporate coin. Without question we reject the idea that Mitt Romney, the man behind Bain Capital, can do anything other than gut what remains of the public sector, destroy what remains of our social services and empower corporations to further take over our country.

Barack Obama's agenda is not so different from that of Mitt Romney's. If Obama is elected we will continue to see more human rights abuses, our the rolling back of constitutional rights, and a continuation of the silent coup that corporate America is executing on what remains of our sham of a democracy.

This September Occupy Chicago will join with activists around Chicago and take a stand. We will highlight the contradictions between President Obama's promise of “hope and change” and his actual policy decisions during a four day occupation of his campaign headquarters. Each day will feature actions, teach-ins, and opportunities to share in community and grow our movement. Join us!

September 4 5PM, Jackson&Lasalle: Reject President 1%: End Obama's War On the World's 99% http://www.facebook.com/events/194582987339272/

September 5: Mortgage Debt/Foreclosures http://www.facebook.com/events/159748960829231/

September 6: Democracy http://www.facebook.com/events/274717642632695/