Free Eric Marquez



"Eric Marquez, an Iraqi War Veteran, has been in jail since December, he was arrested at the December 12th National Port Solidarity Action in Houston. A few days later Judge Joan Campbell dismissed the cases ruling there was no probable cause for the charges. Everyone was elated that the charges were dropped but several days later a Grand Jury re-indicted the 7 originally charged and issued new warrants. At this point Eric was re-arrested at Tranquility Park in Houston and taken back to jail." - Eric's WePay page

Eric's case is strikingly similar to DJ's case. An out of town activist, arrested during an action, has his original charges dismissed, only later to be brought back by a grand jury. Another example of dissent being criminalized by our justice system. Together, we can stand up to this injustice in a very simple way. By bonding our brothers and sisters out of jail, we give them the freedom to spend time with loved ones and to effectively plan a defense with their legal consul, not to mention the sheer emotional boost of not being the deplorable conditions of the prison system. Every amount of any size donated to this fund can help Eric, and if you are unable to donate, please share widely.
Injustice to one is injustice to all.
Our brother has been locked up, awaiting a trial, for over 8 months now. Let's get him out.

Read Eric's story in own words.

a letter from Eric to a supporter:
"First let me say I'm sorry if I spelled your name wrong. It was the way I read it on the card I got about three days ago. The person who wrote the card I assume was a lady. It was hard for me to make out the handwriting. What I was able to understand was that you have a radio show there in Austin. First, that's totally cool. Second, you're with Occupy. Awesome!! So I guess you're putting people in Occupy that are locked up in jails info on your facebook page. Cool Cool. My home Occupy is Occupy Dallas now. It's a funny way I joined, not funny like haha, but funny like I'd never thought of it. First I served in Iraq with the Army. I was over there for 15 months with my infantry unit doing my job. Lost some friends, some friends got hurt. I got hurt. Came home, got medically discharged. Things were different. I started to drink hardcore. I ended up losing everything. Family looked at me weird, friends just wanted to party, and I kept slipping into my hole. The government I served proudly for wasn't there. I was lost and alone. I ended up getting help from others that had been where I was at. I ended up getting out of my black hole. I started working, got back on my feet, started going to AA meetings. One day one of my friends needed a ride to an Occupy meeting, it was raining, and I asked if I could come in. T started listening to the things that they were going to protest and all the wrong doing going on in the city. I felt like I belonged. I started going back every day. I started working with foundations to help with projects. We came down to Houston to join in the port shutdown. They locked us up. I won't sign, I am going to fight this. There are two projects I want to start when I get out. One is Occupy the veterans and I want to start a homeless rehabilitation center. I've seen so much pain in this world in the short twenty four years of my life and the only way we can change it is if we come together and speak up. Thank you for speaking out and helping the peoples' voice be heard. Hope to hear from you soon and others. Peace & Love, Eric Marquez"