Race and The Occupy Movement: Monday 7pm Panel Discussion on "The Elephant in the Room"


Location:  500 W. Cermak, Room 501 Chicago.

Join Marissa Brown of Occupy the Southside, Hopp Pilgrim,  and other Occupy activists in Chicago towards the goal of a powerful Black, Brown, and White unity that we envision the Occupy Movement helping to facilitate. This is an open workshop we hope will start an ongoing discussion.

The goal of this meeting is some real talk about Race and Revolution. As Marissa Brown, of Occupy SouthSide says; "To me I think the next step to grow the movement (to include ALL of the 99%) we have to have a REAL talk about race & the Movement. I feel like this is the biggest elephant in the room that folks keep tip-toeing around (even the well meaning, good, progressive folk of this movement). I think at the end of the day the Movement can only go so far unless we have a deliberate plan for dissolving racial divides among the 99% this may be the forum for this kind of planning. I'm concerned with a duplication of the problems of America (elitism, racism, sexism) in the movement but, I think there is hope of uniting ALL of the 99% in a common vision of the "Other World" that we fight for.

This is NOT an all inclusive one time workshop.  Like racism, it will take time to undo the mentality that leads to prejudiced thinking and acting. We hope you'll join us for the goal of powerful Black, Brown and White unity that we want the Occupy Movement to help facilitate.

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