Tues May 15th: Occupy Day of Action: No Human is Illegal


No Human is Illegal / Ningún Ser Humano es Ilegal

11:00 am, 525 W. Van Buren

The global 1% incentives corporations to cross borders and engages in colonialism with their warmachines.  Here "Juan Crow" laws destroy lives and break up families.  Deportations continue.  We stand up. We denounce the unjust and inhumane decisions that immigration judges are making towards the lives of our immigrant communities. They have failed to follow prosecutorial discretion and consequently are destroying thousands of families every single day.
Denunciamos las injustas e inhumanas que los jueces de inmigración hacen en contra de nuestras familias inmigrantes.

Join us for a morning vigil in front of the immigration court building.
Acompáñenos a una vigilia enfrente de las cortes de inmigración

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