Chicago Police Threaten Violence Against Protesters


An anonymously released video shows Chicago Police threatening to take a "Billy club to the fucking skull," of NATO protesters, while another office says "okay, now we'll beat your white ass." "We'll come look for you, each and every one of you," says one officer.

The video was captured while residents of Miami drove to a local CVS store to buy cigarettes. They were suddenly apprehended by a office to ran over to their car on foot, and then eight police cars who surrounded their vehicle. The police cited them for "trespassing" as they had turned around their car around in a driveway to go the other direction on Halsted.

Police asked the protesters "What are you doing here?" and asked if they had heard about the NATO summit. When the police found out the individuals were heading to Occupy Chicago they said they would arrest two of them since they did not have IDs on them. The police then searched the car, threatened to arrest an individual who was wearing a bandana around his neck for "having his face covered," and asked about the Democratic National Convention of 1968. They then made threats of a "Billy club to the fucking skull" like in the DMC. When a protester asked if he thought the police beatings in '68 had occurred partially because of race issues the officer responded that "we'll beat your white ass." The police officers said "we'll be looking for you at NATO."

While Chicago has closed 6 mental health centers, schools and cut library hours, they have spent millions of dollars on NATO and police brutality weapons, such as ordering 3,000 new face shields, horse knee-pads, and riot shields. While protesters prepare to peacefully use their first amendment rights to voice against NATO, police get ready to "crack skulls" and "beat white ass." Occupy Chicago urges Chicagoans and protesters to look out for armed gang members in the city who may assault you without reason. They call themselves The CPD.