Tell Illinois National Guard to stand with Fellow Veterans and Against Failed Polices of NATO

Iraq Veterans Against the War (IVAW) and its Afghanistan Veterans Against the War Committee will march with the multitudes in Chicago on May 20 to protest the NATO Summit.  We are marching to stand up for human rights and against the failed policies of NATO's generals, especially the 11-year Afghanistan War. 
Over 500 Illinois National Guard soldiers have been called up to supposedly provide additional security at the NATO Summit. The Illinois National Guard Deputy Director of Domestic Operations recently declared publicly that the Illinois National Guard will be "ready to provide support in the event of any problems in Chicago."
IVAW calls on all members of the Illinois National Guard that have already received mobilization orders to stand down and stand with fellow veterans and the 99% of the American people who are calling for an end to wars and for resources to be used rebuilding America.

Email Major General William L. Enyart, The Adjudant General of the Illinois National Guard, and tell him to stand WITH not AGAINST the people of Chicago and his fellow veterans.

Respectfully urge him to refuse to deploy the Illinois National Guard against peaceful protesters:

IVAW will be leading the march to the NATO summit to demand an immediate end to the Afghanistan War, to bring U.S. dollars home to fund our communities, and to support and acknowled the rights and humanities of all those affected by these wars.
Service members of the Illinois National Guard must not be used to suppress the rights of their fellow veterans and members of their communities.  Use the tool below to email Major General Enyart and urge him not to activate the National Guard for the NATO summit on May 20.
Tell Illinois National Guard to stand with their fellow veterans and against the failed polices of NATO!