Thursday, May 10 - 11am

500 W Cermak, room 700 (Enter on Lumber St.)


Occupy Chicago NATO Week of Actions & People's Summit Announced

Speakers from Occupy Chicago, CANG8, NNU, IVAW, Chicago Indymedia & Barefoot Summit

CHICAGO 5/7 -- Thursday, May 10 Occupy Chicago will host a press conference with speakers from every major NATO action and event, including Occupy Chicago, the People's Summit, the Coalition Against G8/NATO War and Poverty Agenda (CANG8), National Nurses United (NNU), Iraq Veterans Against the War (IVAW), Chicago Indymedia, and the Barefoot Summit.

 This press conference will offer a preview of the week of NATO actions and events, as well as an opportunity to meet the press liaisons and spokespeople for major NATO actions. In addition, the Occupy Chicago NATO press kit will be distributed, with full information on each day's activities, as well as the websites, facebook pages, twitter handles and hashtags, and livestreams that will keep the press updated on breaking news and events.

 "We seek to show how NATO policies trickle down to hurt people in every community in Chicago," says Rachael Perrotta, a participant in Occupy Chicago. "Instead of funding death and destruction on the other side of the globe, our tax dollars should support services in our community. Our actions will raise to the international stage local battles around housing, education, and healthcare. We will resist NATO, the military arm of the 1%."