General Assembly Returns to Horse


The Occupy Chicago General Assembly is celebrating homecoming! Over the cold Chicago winter, the General Assembly has been nomadic. Most recently, the General Assembly has been held at the Woodlawn occupation, where Occupy stands in solidarity with STOP to protect Chicago mental health clinics.

Occupy Chicago will continue to support STOP, but with Occupy Chicago's week of action approaching fast, the GA is moving back to its former home at Michigan & Congress. For all of you that have taken a break from Occupy, for all of you who came to support us in the past, for those of you who have been curiously watching from the sidelines...Come stand with us!

We are the 99% and our voices matter! Learn about current actions and issues going on with Occupy Chicago, participate in open discussions, and find new ways to get involved as we prepare for the NATO Summit!  Our first homecoming GA will be held Wednesday at 7:00pm. GAs will continue at Congress & Michigan at this time on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

Follwing the GA, The People's Summit will be held May 12-13, a two-day series of workshops, panel discussions, and entertainment on everything from education and economic reform to political philosophy. This is but the start of Occupy Chicago's week of action! Help us as we prepare for it and come rally in solidarity as our GA returns to its original home!