Come Together on April 7th to Launch the Chicago Spring!


Occupy Chicago put out the call and groups across Chicago fighting for social and economic justice picked it up. The day starts with morning actions in your neighborhood hosted by local groups which you can find here:!/Join_April_7th

1pm, we will meet at Jackson and Lasalle where we rally before heading to the afternoon festival of art, education and empowerment. Many unscheduled political and creative activities will be going on throughout the festival on 'the green' grass, including our massive community art project the 99% Wishing Tree.
Here is the program of panel discussions, workshops, music and theater Occupy Chicago is putting on:

Chicago Spring Stage

- "Non-Violent Direct Action Against Oppression"
Featuring: Mary Dean (Voices for Creative Nonviolence), Ken Butigan (Pace e Bene),  J. Wade Hannon (War Resister's League), Rosalie Riegle (Catholic Worker)

- "Everything You Wanted To Know About NATO But Were Afraid To Ask"
Featuring: Eric Slater (CANG8), John Beacham (Answer Chicago), Iraq Veterans Against The War (IVAW)

- "Education, Healthcare and Housing Are Human Rights!"
Featuring: Rev. Jesse Jackson Sr. (Rainbow/PUSH Coalition), National Nurses United (NNU), Sonja Rotenberg (Illinois Single-Payer Coalition), and Willie JR Fleming, Loren Taylor and Toussaint Losier (Chicago Anti-Eviction Campaign)

The 99% Stage

- "Why This Isn't Scary: Anarchy, Communism, Socialism and The Black Bloc"

- "Mayor 1%'s Budget of Austerity"
Featuring: Mick Dumke (The Chicago Reader), Nadana Carter (STOP), Librarian Activists (AFSCME Local 31)

- "This Is What a Police State Looks Like!"
Featuring: Mick Dumke (The Chicago Reader), Blaine Mineman (Amnesty International), Free Howard Morgan Campaign (Free Howard Morgan)

Solidarity Stage

- "Political Economy Workshop: The Crisis of US Capitalism."
By CPEG (Chicago Political Economy Group)

- "Urban Agriculture"
By Matt Ryan

- "Non-Violent Direct Action: Peace Maneuvers"
By Ken Butigan (Pace e Bene)

- "May Day: Histories of Immigration, Labor, and Struggle."
By the Occupy Chicago Labor Committee

Freedom Stage

- FM Supreme
- And more

Occupy Improv!

After the festival, join us for a Freedom Feast at 5:30 made possible by Food Not Bombs before our first General Assembly back at the Horse at 7pm as it will be all Spring long.

During dinner, we will hear important and exciting announcements of new Spring Campaigns and upcoming actions by:
- IVAW and NNU
- Occupy the SouthSide

And party the night away!