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Chalking is NOT a Crime! Pack the Courtroom for Marissa Brown’s Hearing

WHEN : Monday,  Dec. 17, 2012. 2:30pm

WHERE : Circuit Court Of Cook County, Belmont & Western, 2452 W. Belmont, Chicago, IL 60618

WHY :  On Nov. 9 the Budget Showdown protest was held at Senator Dick Durbin’s office located in the Kluczynski Federal Building. Hundreds of people and many organizations showed up to protest against the threatened budget cuts to Medicaid, Medicare, and Social Security. Among them was Marissa Brown an organizer in the Occupy Movement, an instructor of Occupy Freedom School and mother of 4. As a single mother, Marissa relies on Medicaid to insure her family.

While at the protest, Marissa was arrested by a CPD officer & charged with felony destruction of public property for allegedly chalking messages of peace & unity outside the federal building. This charge resulted in a 6 hour detainment. While detained, Marissa’s phone was confiscated making it impossible to contact her children who were unaware of the arrest for two or three hours.

UPDATE: According to the wonderful attorney who is handling this case the statute for the alleged offense Marissa was charged with is NOT a felony it is a misdemeanor. This is great news but it can still carry a sentence of up to 1 year in jail so it is still very important for allies to come out and show support.

This charge is utterly ridiculous and just the latest example of a pattern of protesters being targeted for intimidation and Police State tactics to discourage dissent by the People. Please come out and support Marissa Brown at her court hearing on the Felony Chalking Charges.

Durbanville Shantytown Protest at Federal Building: Fight Back! Senator Durbin, Don’t Destroy Social Security, Medicare/Medicaid!

As part of the ongoing “fiscal cliff” discussions, Senator Durbin is negotiating behind our backs to gut Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid – cuts that could create depression-era conditions for millions of Americans who’ve paid for and earned support from these vital programs.

Join us on December 6th at noon to tell Senator Durbin that we won’t go back! On December 6, we’re building a Durbinville Shantytown encampment at the Federal Building to symbolize the dire consequences these cuts could have, and fight to preserve these essential programs. Join us! And bring a tent!

Come get free soup and bread every day in Federal Plaza from December 3rd – 6th!
Monday, December 3, noon: Soup and Bread line in Federal Plaza
Tuesday, December 4, noon: Soup and Bread line in Federal Plaza
Wednesday, December 5, noon: Soup and Bread line in Federal Plaza
Thursday, December 6, noon: Erect the “Durbinville” shantytown to show the world what these cuts really mean!Enough is enough! It’s time to stop unnecessary budget cuts and make corporations and the rich pay their fair share!Demand that Senator Durbin:
Block the “debt ceiling sequester” cuts – say no to austerity!Reject Simpson-Bowles or any other “Grand Bargain” that attempts to balance the budget on the backs of the poor, working people, the sick or the elderly – protect vital public programs, no cuts to Social Security, Medicare, or Medicaid!

Block the extension of the Bush Tax Cuts for the top 2% – it’s time for the rich to start paying their fair share!

Support and fight for progressive sources of revenue – impose a Robin Hood Tax on Wall Street financial speculation, tax capital gains as normal income and close corporate tax loopholes!


This meeting will address the fundamental flaws in the economic system that are the cause of most of the problems that Occupy is trying to address.  Poverty, war, famine, limited consciousness can all be traced to the economic/banking system. The systemic flaws will be discussed as well as solutions in terms of alternative currency systems that truly support democracy and provide a decent and dignified living for all.

“Mic Check!” – Occupy Chicago General Assembly

The General Assembly is the main regular gathering of the members of Occupy Chicago. It is also the primary manifestation of the democratic practice and spirit of Occupy as well as a vehicle for introducing new people to the movement and growing the movement.  By coming together we get to know each other, we can plan to do things together, and we see that we have strength in numbers.  All Occupiers are therefore encouraged to attend the GA.  Together we can change the world.  Apart we will not.  [Proposed and passed by the General Assembly of Occupy Chicago, 27 October 2012]

Freedom School Open House & Book Fair – Sunday, October 28, 2pm-4pm

From 2pm-4pm, today at the Occupy Chicago Office, we are having our monthly open house to welcome people into our open education environment to experience the Occupy Freedom School first hand, sign up as a volunteer, or student. We will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have about OFS. The address is 501 W. Cermak, room 501. Directions are below.

In addition to the open house we will be hosting a book share event. Bring a book with you, browse what other people have and offer to trade. Even if you don’t have a book to bring we have plenty to choose from in The People’s Library. We will also have a discussion about what our favorite book is and why.

We hope to see you there! :)

Facebook event page

Directions: To get to Occupy Chicago’s Indoor Space go to the building on the North side of Cermak on the West side of the Chicago river (just over the bridge).  Then make a sharp right onto Lumber St.  Just to the left of the Uhaul store there is a red door with the address of 2147 S Lumber above the door.  That is where you enter into the building.  Then take the elevator up to the 5th floor. Make two lefts and find us in room 501.

Take the Redline to Cermak/Chinatown CTA stop. Walk or take the bus west on Cermak to Lumber st.

May 21: Occupy Chicago Celebrates People Power at Boeing!

Occupy Celebrates Victory of Non-Violent Direct Action with March to Boeing, All-Day Rally: People Power Stops the War Machine as Boeing Corporation Directs Employees to Stay Home, Shuts Down!

9am – Gather in Union Park, Lake & Ashland
10am – March to Boeing Company, 100 North Riverside Plaza
Occupy Chicago will serve breakfast and rally at Boeing all day

Occupy Chicago and members of the international Occupy Movement will hold a joyful, celebratory march and day-long rally at the Boeing company on May 21st in Chicago. We are hosting a victory party, complete with food, clowns, dancing and music after calls to protest the Boeing company on May 21st resulted in the company directing employees to stay home this Monday, effectively shutting themselves down.

We will march from Union Park at 10am, and plan to celebrate the power of non-violent direct action at Boeing all day. Our call to action shut down the Boeing war machine, and we’ll be in front of the company celebrating our victory. It’s a party, and Chicago is invited. Join celebration!

You can expect to see crowds of people from all walks of life dancing in the streets, listening to live music, and celebrating the power of anti-war voices outside the Boeing corporation tomorrow. When the people of the world said they would speak out against Boeing and the NATO war machine, their voices were heard, and Boeing shut itself down. We’re excited to celebrate tomorrow.

In 2001, Boeing moved its headquarters to Chicago in a plan that stole over $60 million and 20 years worth of free rent from Illinois taxpayers. In 2010 Boeing made over $4.5 billion, yet in the past three years they have managed to avoid paying taxes. In 2010 they received a federal tax subsidy of $1.56 billion. This cost the State of Illinois $65 million in revenue. This money could have been used to serve an additional 16,000 Medicaid clients, provide Medicare Part B coverage to 13,000 seniors, provide 36 million meals to the hungry, or create 1,625 living wage jobs for the unemployed. Instead this money was given to Boeing in the form of corporate welfare by our elected officials.

In total, Boeing has received over 12 billion dollars from the US Department of Defense to produce war machines, which are used to terrorize communities and murder innocent civilians all over the world. These tools of destruction are produced using prison labor, allowing Boeing to make weaponized products for pennies on the dollar. When not using non-prison labor, Boeing goes out of it’s way to bust unions, even moving factories across the country to stifle worker’s rights. Boeing production facilities are continually found to be massive polluters, leading to the company being listed as one of the top 50 corporate criminals responsible for environmental destruction.

Occupy Chicago invites all Chicagoans and the citizens of the world who have gathered in our city to oppose the NATO war machine to attend the non-violent march and celebration at the Boeing company tomorrow.