Sat. 12/10: City-Wide Day of Action Against Coal


The air we breathe is being destroyed by the corporate greed of Midwest Generation, owner and operator of the Fisk and Crawford coal fire power plants.

We are tired of our health and environment being sold in the profit market. We are tired of 40+ premature deaths per ...year, 2800 asthma attacks per year, 500 emergency room visits per year. And we are not sorry for letting public health disrupt the private profit of Midwest Generation. If you are also not sorry, join us in our city-wide day of action against coal.

We will have several actions to target the main culprits; Midwest Generation and it's investor Bank of America.

10:00 AM Teach-in about climate change by Rising Tide at Rudy Lozano Public Library 18th and Loomis.
11:00 AM  Bank of America Customers pull their money out at 18th Street Branch - with rally outside.
12:00 PM  Rally at Plaza Tenochtitlan 18th Street and Loomis Ave.
12:30 PM  Press Conference
1:00 PM    March begins
2:00 PM    We arrive at LaSalle and Jackson and join Occupy Chicago then march to Midwest Generations Corporate HQ at 440 S. La Salle St.

List of endorsing organizations:
Pilsen Environmental Rights and Reform Organization
Occupy Chicago
Ocupa el Barrio!/events/251441111583015/

Climate Justice Teach-in
Location: Lazona Library (1805 South Loomis Street)
Time: 10:15am to 11:15am
This teach-in will be on climate change basics (What is climate change?
What is causing it? What are current effects and what will future effects
be? What is climate justice (solutions, what is does not support, etc.).
This will be a standard educational committee style teach-in, starting
with me presenting the above info, following questions and open space
communication. This teach-in will also take place with Occupy Chicago at
Columbia College on Fri, Dec. 9th, 4:30pm, room TBA.

Rainforest Action Network Bank Action
Location: Pilsen area Bank of America
Time: 11:15am to 11:45am
This will be a non-violent RAN action against Bank of America. It will be
scheduled to align with the teach-in timing. When the teach-in is done,
participants will be march over to the bank location, to show support for
RAN and dissent for Bank of America's support of coal.

PERRO Rally and March
Location: Tenochtitlan Plaza, 18th and Loomis
Time: noon to 4pm
This will be a rally with a following march to Jackson and LaSalle, then
to Midwest Generations Corporate HQ at 440 S. La Salle St. This action
will be against Crawford and Fisk coal plants and their owners, Midwest



Slow Revolution

It takes time for a Grass Roots Revolution to grow and the overwhelming fact is that putting 99% of the People together is a monumental task. This unification of the PEOPLE found so many crimes being committed by our Government it was overwhelming with so many worldwide victims, there are just so many areas to Protest, it seemed we had to OCCUPY EVERYTHING ado with Government and perhaps that is the truth.  Perhaps a Reboot, no a Reformat of the 3 branches and the US Pravda Press. The People are just seeing that a Coup of the 3 branches has truly occurred with most Gov officials and Politicians being corrupt figures verses for the People and most involved in a plethora of Criminal Activity and a massive power grab via TREASON. As there was not a single item to focus on for the protestors, like Vietnam and the corruptions were so vast and broad, the movement has begun by exposing the tentacles to a wide variety of corruptions plaguing so much of our current system from War Crimes to Torture Crimes to Economic Crimes and ALWAYS NO JUSTICE for the GUILTY, NOT EVEN TRIALS and the INNOCENT VICTIMS are VICTIMIZED FURTHER by a failed system. Rampant crimes unpunished for a "privileged few", monies stolen (est 46 TRILLION) and as yet not recovered from the thieves, as the prosecutors are in on it too, along with the courts who have failed to uphold our rights and in fact are attempting to steal off with those too.   Where oh where is our military to Defend us from the Domestic Threat they have sworn OATH to DEFEND, why have they not surrounded the 3 Branches and Court Officials and Prosecutors, etc. and dragged them into CRIMINAL WAR TRIBUNALS for the Crimes.  If the Military fails to heed the call and has been couped too, well then folks, it will be up to you to TAKE BACK OUR COUNTRY from these FASCIST NAZI FRY LOVIN SPOILED ROTTEN ELITIST NEW WORLD DISODOR SELLOUT UNAMERICAN UNPATRIOTIC PIGS. 

Our leaders, in our names, have committed FACTUAL WAR CRIMES, AIDED and ABETTED in ECONOMIC TERRORISM (a War Crime and Eugenics Crime) against US and Foreign nations and their citizens.  They have TORTURED PEOPLE WITHOUT TRIAL, DAMNED WHISTLEBLOWERS and PULLED A TRAITOROUS COUP.  Now that we are aware of it, what are we to do? Like a slow but methodical killer this Occupy movement grows, spreading to the core of corruption and will begin to consume the enemy, the 99% the enemy of the 1% and it is really only .01% of population that has committed these crimes and profited at the worlds expense leaving PEOPLE DYING, STARVING and HOMELESS from their crimes, the VICTIMS are very real and in the tens of millions. The .01%'s pants are down, their crimes exposed and with a MASS OF EVIDENCE against them, it will not be long until the hunter creeps up on the sly fox in the henhouse and before it hears the sounds of the bullets a cracklin, well you know how that ends.  The bullet however should be fired from the long arm of the law aka the HUNTER, with the fox out of the henhouse JUSTICE will be restored, the good ole American Way.  Ya know, TRIALS for the ACCUSED LEADERS with FAIR and IMPARTIAL TRIALS, unlike the ones our leaders have been giving to others while torturing and murdering them so let’s get the gallows up for our leaders and their Fascist Treasonous friends and grab some popcorn and the kids.  Once Justice is restored and the .01%, are tried and convicted for their WAR, ECONOMIC and TORTURE crimes against humanity and are hung after trial, for DEATH is still the penalty for TREASON, WAR CRIMES, etc., hell then the fun begins as we RECOVER their ILL GOTTEN GAINS.


Happy Holidays .01%, enjoy your cupcakes in your DELUSIONS OF GRANDEUR and Happy Hunting 99.9%, as you are on your way to better days with the RECOVERY OF THE 46 TRILLION STOLEN LOOT by the .01% aka UnAmerican, Fascist Nazi Fry Lovin, UnPatriotic, Elitist, SPOILED ROTTED, SellOut, Pigs. TEAR DOWN THE WALL, OCCUPY the COURTS and THE DOJ and DEMAND YOUR STOLEN MONIES BACK ALL 46 TRILLION from their Market Riggin Crimes, Oil Price Fixin Crimes, War Crimes and if they fail to prosecute the GUILTY with FELONY CRIMES prosecute the prosecutors for FELONY AIDING AND ABETTING. SUE THE BANKS for the loss in your home values due to their CRIMES, which caused the markets to collapse. OCCUPY THEIR BRAINS. As always, for those TREASONOUS TRAITOR WAR CRIMINALS found GUILTY OF THESE CRIMES, NOOSES FREE @


My suggestions for change follow and at the end of the 2nd Presidential Speech is info re a new PEOPLES PARTY of the 99'ers that are armed with an ONLINE CONSTITUTION and a way to take back this country for the PEOPLE by the PEOPLE.  In the PEOPLE PARTY your vote will count, really.


Eliot for President in 2012 Campaign Speech 1 Very Important


Eliot for President in 2012 Campaign Speech 2 Very Important


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