Rahm Running Scared: Mayor 1% Cancels Friday UIC Appearance

From Occupy UIC:

Despite the mayor's cancellation we are still protesting.



The speaking event sponsored by UIC is still happening. The cowardly Mayor, unable to face the 99%, is sending one of his corporate cronies, former IBM executive and current City Chief of Technology John Tolva, to speak in his place. 

We see it as a victory that the Mayor refuses to show his face on campus.
 Now lets all turn out for a victory rally and continue to build the movement against corporate greed and for human needs!

Cancellation email to UIC Students:

Dear Honors College Students:

I am passing along this message from the Department of Political Science. Please note that the Honors College will still have reserved seating at the front of the room, and that you are very much encouraged to bring your questions along to pose to Mr. Tolva. I look forward to seeing you there.

Due to schedule changes, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel will not be able to make remarks on campus on December 2nd for the "Future of Chicago" lecture series. John Tolva, Chief Technology Officer for the City of Chicago, will represent the Emanuel administration as the new guest speaker. He will address the administration's vision for the city's future, beginning at noon in the Illinois Room, Student Center East.

As chief technology officer, Tolva has been appointed by Mayor Emanuel to leverage technology to ensure that the city delivers better services at a lower cost to taxpayers. Before joining the city, Tolva worked at IBM for over 13 years. In his most recent capacity, he served as the director of citizenship and technology for IBM where he was responsible for developing new social, educational, environmental, and cultural heritage projects that use innovative technologies in partnership with nonprofit institutions and governmental entities. His team developed programs that performed tasks ranging from contributing idle processing power to the search for a cure to HIV to matching employees with community volunteer opportunities. All of these initiatives align with the goals and interests of Honors College students and faculty.

Mayor Emanuel has agreed to reschedule his appearance for next semester. Both Mr. Tolva's and Mayor Emanuel's appearances are part of the Future of Chicago Lecture Series, co-sponsored by the UIC Honors College Leadership Series (funded through the Caterpillar Foundation), the Department of Political Science, the Institute for Policy and Civic Engagement, the Great Cities Institute and the Office of Social Science Research.

Best wishes,
Dean Hall


Operation "Change the Landscape"

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I am very impressed with the movement that has sprung now globally regarding those who insist on occupying asking for a fair share. Whereas I am impressed by the initial response to the knowledge of having been cattle all these years and now desiring to be included in living, I challenge with a question “what is your next move?” A gathering or a march alone without a contingency plan is “IMPOTENT”. Certain ethnic groups look for equal inclusion and find solace in mouthpieces like Al and Jesse to bolster their cause with words but absent of action ignoring the roots of their own history which affected change that they benefit from today which was “the boycott”. Sure, there are many people charged up at the moment but without steering them in a direction of action once after the whole world has come out to occupy it will certainly fizzle from what began an undaunted mission of ground troops. Truly, truly comrades, the ground is fully laid out and the question now is how to erect the walls? While there is protest in the streets still the employers who are the 1% have their oxen to plow their fields or manpower to drive their riches and why should they consider giving the 99% any more than they have? After all, what are they going to do, Quit? Doubtless! The thing that Big Industry has capitalized on is the masses being unorganized! NO, I’m not talk about gathering as a organized bargaining unit (Unions), No; what I’m submitting to the “Occupy” movement is PHASE TWO and “Boycott the MACHINE” while, at the moment, having need to be attached to it. Take the funds that your current employer pays you and collectively invest in a home based business. Find a reputable Network Marketing Business and use your massive network to generate wealth that you would never get from a raise while working as “Cattle” for your current herdsman. Your employer [herdsman] hopes that you remain asleep and not come to recognize the economy that exist within you in order for them to remain in control over it. This is the opportunity that you have been waiting for. This is the dream that you have dreamed to be financially free and independent. The only thing standing in your way is your fear of the unknown and your comfort on the pastures. The path I follow is in my website. The path you search out and find is up to you. In order to go to a level beyond talks and demonstrations is language that those you protest against understand and respect. This is the model that Robert Kiyosaki calls the “Business of the 21st Century” (look it up on Youtube). My name is Charles Burns and I AM MONA-V-IE! [for Vendetta] Join Here:


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