Friday: Occupy UIC Confronts ‘Mayor 1%’ Emanuel


PLEASE NOTE: Mayor 1% has canceled his UIC appearance. More info soon.


Occupy Rahm! Defend the Future of Chicago's 99%!
Friday 12/2 ~ UIC Student Center, 750 S. Halsted
11am - 2pm

UIC has invited 'Mayor 1%' Emanuel to discuss the "Future of Chicago" 
We think Chicago deserves a future FOR the 99%--not one that destroys us.
Don't let Rahm get away with forcing Chicago's workers and students pay the brunt of the economic crisis, while corporations get a free pass. 
Stand in solidarity with Occupy Chicago and Occupy UIC to put forward a different view of our future--one that prioritizes human needs, not corporate greed! 

Public Services: 
* Rahm pushed through a budget that destroys public services -- shortening library hours, laying off 200 service employees, privatizing critical public health clinics, and closing 6 out of 12 mental health clinics in underserved communities.

* Rahm will soon announce the closure of public schools, which will likely be replaced by charter schools.

* The City of Chicago is also waging war on our community college system, trying to bust faculty unions and paving the way for profit-driven technical schools. 

Civil Liberties:

* Rahm is refusing to drop the charges for over 300 peaceful Occupy Chicago protesters who were attempting to establish an encampment to call attention to their grievances.

* Rahm is dragging his feet on allowing permitted demonstrations against the NATO and G8 meetings in Chicago in May.

Corporate Tax Breaks:

* Rahm is trying to pass a city ordinance that will cut taxes even further for 2,700 Chicago corporations, which will cost the City millions.

* Chicago-based corporations Navastar, Bayer, Boeing, and others pay $0 in income-tax 

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