Important information about donations


What is the purpose of the Donations Committee?

Donations committee is committed to transparency in the handling of our finances.  Donations committee does not control the distribution of funds, it is focused on securing them. Budgeting and distribution decisions will be handled by a separate committee, staffed by different individuals, in order to maintain accountability. Those on Donations Committee work hard. It is not a committee where serious issues can fall through the cracks, because the consequences of irresponsibility are huge. We hope that this separation of influence and dedication to hard work will inspire the confidence of the General Assembly, which will allow us to make certain autonomous decisions as a committee on the intricacies of greater issues, which will we will bring to the GA.

Our goals:


  • Secure our donations in a legal, effective, and efficient way.
  • Proceed with financial decisions in a transparent way.
  • Identify donation-related problems, and come up with solutions.


What are we asking of the General Assembly?

As a result of many weeks of much research, hard work, paperwork, and time we have come to the following decisions as to how to best move forward:


  • Fiscal sponsorship through 8th day center for Justice
    • After much research 8th day center for justice is a well respected and well known fiscal sponsor. This arrangement allows us to avoid any entanglements with the government with respect to funds.
  • Crossroads fund to administer our online donations
    • Crossroads fund is a grant foundation that has been around for 30 years. They have offered to administer the online donations. It is the right choice to make because it allows donors to keep their tax incentives for donating.
  • Legal representation through the law Project
  • The law project has offered to help protect us legally and offer their services pro bono. They will assist in any legal matters that may arise.



The Donations Committee is confident that if the General Assembly approves our moving forward in this direction, that we can secure the money from the many who support this movement in a legal, transparent, and efficient way.