Attention those who were arrested...


ARRESTEES! If you were arrested on either night in Grant Park we need you to come to the meeting this Sunday to discuss the legal action we are going to take with the Civil Liberties and Defense Committee. Please bring your contact information (Name, Email, and Phone Number) as well as your court information (Date, Time, Court House, and Date of Arrest) to this meeting. The committee will then be able to share all pertinent information with you about meetings (which you NEED TO ATTEND) and our communications with the NLG. One of these meetings will be held this Sunday at 1PM. Location is TBA.

The Civil Liberties and Defense Committee.will be having a meeting at 4pm.

Location:  The Chicago’s Teachers Union at the Merchandise Mart (222 W Merchandise Mart Plaza Chicago, Illinois), 4th floor, Go to the desk on the first floor and tell the security that you're going to the CTU.

Also, if you have not already done so please contact the NLG and give them your information. They have downloadable forms on their

Thank you and see you soon!



Is this a different meeting

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Is this a different meeting than the one on the NLG website? Because they have this information that's different than this ^^

Update: We are holding another meeting for Occupy Chicago arrestees. The meeting will take place THIS SUNDAY (November 6th) at the Loyola University School of Law (25 E. Pearson) in room 1103 from 1:30pm to 3:00pm. If you were not able to make it to the arrestee meeting on Oct 22nd, were arrested on Oct 23rd, or have questions related to your arrest or court date, we encourage you to attend this meeting.



Hello, sorry for the

Hello, sorry for the confusion about the meetings. The meeting held at Loyola is only for Arrestees to meet with an NLG lawyer and discuss court dates and representation. You need to go and meet them and give them your information if you want them to represent you. 

The second meeting, at the Chicago Teachers Union room at Merchandise Mart and hour later is for the Civil-Liberties-and-Defense committee.  All arrestees should try to come so we can discuss our legal actions collectively and organize public actions supporting our defense. We need to get moving fast as all of our court dates are rapidly approaching. As I understand it, an NLG rep. will be present the committee meeting as well. 

There will be a lot of people attending both meetings I'm sure so we can all travel to the second meeting together. 


NLG meeting

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Can someone recommend cheap and/or free parking near Loyola for the NLG meeting tomorrow (Sun)? I'm driving in from the burbs and the area where the meeting is is a complete cluster-fuck. Thanks!

Also, what have some of the people who have already gone to court received as their sentence? I heard that a few people got community service and then dismissal (in which case, the arrest can be expunged) [If you are convicted, you cannot expunge the arrest]. What have people heard?